How can I respond to different message types in the Smart Inbox?

To respond to a message, click on the lower right-hand corner of a message. Sprout provides conversation history between your team and the contact within the reply modal for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram messages. Reference those conversations to engage authentically with your audience as a unified brand.

While the reply experience in Sprout is similar across social networks, there are some notable differences between them.

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Learn more about responding to Instagram messages with this article.

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The reply screen opens when you click image2.png on a tweet. The reply screen shows the Tweet you’re replying to and a compose box. From the dropdown menu above the compose box you can select which profile your response will come from.


If the user you’re interacting with has open Direct Messages or you have a Direct Message history with the user, you can switch to Direct Message to respond.

Note: If the user you are interacting with doesn’t have open direct messages and/or you do not have a Direct Message history with the user, you may add a DM Link to your reply so that they may take the interaction from public to private. Advanced plan users may select one of two Suggested Replies beneath the Compose box when replying to a Twitter message. Learn more about Suggested Replies.

If your conversation moves to Direct Messages, you can facilitate real-time chat with a user within the reply window. Once the conversation is complete, you can mark all received Direct Messages complete to remove them from the Smart Inbox.


Twitter Hide Replies

You can hide Twitter @mention replies directly from the Smart Inbox. This ensures you can protect your audience and brand image by eliminating spam and insensitive content from your Twitter feed. Just like your reply action, click image6.png  for the @mention reply and then click Hide on Twitter.


You only see the option to Hide on Twitter for @replies to your Tweet. After you hide the @reply, a banner appears on the message letting you know it was hidden. Click unhide on the banner to show the reply again.


Twitter Complete All Quote Tweets

You can Complete All Quote Tweets directly from the Smart Inbox or when replying to a message.  You'd want to complete all Quote Tweets when a Tweet comes into your Smart Inbox that isn't relevant to any of your Brand Keywords. You can complete Quote Tweets up to 1,000 messages at a time. If there are more than 1,000 irrelevant messages in your Smart Inbox, perform the Complete All Quote Tweets action again until they're gone. This functionality will only complete current Quote Tweets in your Inbox, and doesn't automatically complete future Quote Tweets.

From the Smart Inbox, click the overflow menu and then click Complete All Quote Tweets.


When replying to a message directly, open the original message, click the overflow menu and then click Complete All Quote Tweets from the individual message.




A reply modal opens when you click on image2.pnga LinkedIn message. Sprout only supports adding new comments to the original post.


To see your previous message history with the selected LinkedIn profile or page, click History in the left navigation area.

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