November 2021

Releases this month

  • November 3 - Failed Post Notifications in the Notification Drawer
  • November 4 - Publish longer videos to Instagram
  • November 10 - Link sharing for Tag and Post Performance Reports
  • November 12 - Ad account and campaign filters in the Smart Inbox
  • November 12 - Use Campaign tags in custom Inbox Rules
  • November 15 - Automated Rules for publishing
  • November 16 - Compact and expanded views in the Content Calendar
  • November 19 - Hide and unhide Instagram Ad Comments in the Smart Inbox
  • November 22 - Yelp integration
  • November 29 - Repost from the Smart Inbox
  • November 30 - Refreshed Instagram Competitors Report

November 3, 2021

Stay on top of failed posts with the Notification Drawer

Failed Post Notifications now appear in the Notifications tab of the Notification Drawer, rather than the Issues tab. This way, you and your team can more quickly access failed posts and take action. Additionally, you can now delete failed post notifications directly from the drawer as well.

Learn more about managing failed posts and taking action with this article.

November 4, 2021

Share your full story with 15 minute videos on Instagram

Now you can publish Instagram videos up to 15 minutes long via the mobile publishing workflow in Sprout. Post your full-length content from either Sprout's iOS or Android app.

Learn more about publishing content to Instagram with this how-to.

November 10, 2021

Share your performance reports to showcase your publishing strategy and tagged posts

Now you can share an always updating dashboard of posts for campaign or that relates to a business unit you support. Easily share links with your stakeholders so they can quickly check in on your Tag and Post Performance Reports.


Learn more about link sharing for your publishing calendar and reports with this overview.

November 12, 2021

Manage your ad comments in the Smart Inbox to create new leads and enhance customer engagement 

Now you can use the new Ad Accounts & Campaigns filter in the Smart Inbox to hone in on comments and new leads from your ads and campaigns. When you connect your Ad Account to Sprout, your ad comments from Facebook and Instagram profiles appear in the Smart Inbox so you can easily analyze trends, create leads and better route messages.


Learn more about managing your ad accounts in Sprout with this overview

Note: This feature is on a phased roll out schedule, with all accounts being active around the end of November 2021. Contact your Sprout representative with questions.

November 12, 2021

Automatically apply relevant Campaign tags to your incoming messages

Now Advanced plan users can create automatic Inbox Rules that leverage Campaign tags, in addition to Label tags. Specify your criteria, and then for each incoming message to the Smart Inbox that matches your criteria, the appropriate Campaign tag is applied to help you better track performance and route messages.


Learn more about automatic tagging and Inbox Rules with this how-to.

November 15, 2021

Increase the efficiency of your workflows with automated publishing rules 

Now you can create automatic rules for your published posts in addition to your automatic inbox rules. Automatically apply the appropriate tags to your published posts for better management and insight in your performance. Plus, you can now manage both your publishing and inbox rules from the Automated Rules page within Global Settings. 


To learn more about creating Automated Rules, see this overview.

November 16, 2021

Work more effectively from the Month view in the Content Calendar with expanded and compact views

Now you can toggle back and forth between expanded and compact Month views. In the compact view, you see your entire month at a glance with high level details about your publishing activity. In the expanded view, you can see the first five posts per day and can click to a view a fly out of the rest of your posts for any given day.


Learn more about the Content Calendar and working effectively from different views with this how to.

November 19, 2021

Keep your inbox free of unwanted ad comments and spam

Now you can hide and unhide Instagram Ad comments in addition to Instagram comments directly in Sprout. For your owned posts and received comments you can keep your Smart Inbox free from spam, abusive, insensitive or medical-related public comments on your published ad posts. 

Learn more about all message actions in the Smart Inbox with this overview.

November 22, 2021

Maintain your brand's reputation by managing Yelp reviews in Sprout

Now you can moderate and respond to reviews to build strong relationships with your customers. Task, tag and manage your Yelp reviews, route them to the right teams and ensure your brand is interacting on all social channels.


To get set up with your Yelp profiles in Sprout, check out this how-to

November 29, 2021

Enhance your customer engagement with reposting in the Smart Inbox

Now you can repost a Facebook post from the Smart Inbox to any of your Facebook Page profiles using Compose. 


Learn more about the actions you can take on inbox messages with this overview

November 30, 2021

Refreshed experience in the Instagram Competitors Report

The Instagram Competitors Report has a new look and feel to focus on comparing your owned profiles to your competitors' profiles. With updated filters, improved calculations for metric gathering, and enhanced Premium Analytics features, you'll never miss any insight on your Instagram competition.


Learn more about the report updates with this overview.

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