October 2021

Releases this month

  • October 6 - Default tags and custom views
  • October 8 - Instagram updates to IGTV metrics
  • October 12 - New message approval notifications
  • October 14 - Conversations available in the Tag Performance Report
  • October 14 - Character limit increased for LinkedIn posts
  • October 21 - Facebook CSAT and NPS now available

October 6, 2021

Easily add tags and use custom views to track customer feedback in the Smart Inbox

For Professional and Advanced plan users, you now automatically have access to out-of-the-box tags and pre-made custom views in the Smart Inbox. You can access and use:

  • Customer Feedback and High Priority tags
  • Customer Feedback and High Priority custom views
  • Common Issue, Needs Response and Resolved suggested tags

With these already created tags and custom views, you can quickly start monitoring customer feedback in the Smart Inbox and easily view all messages requiring immediate attention.

Learn more about the benefits of tagging in Sprout with this section of our Help Center.

October 8, 2021

Instagram updates to IGTV metrics in Sprout

Instagram recently made changes where they combined both IGTV and in-feed videos into a new category known as Instagram Videos. Because of this change, all videos posted on or after October 5, 2021 in Sprout are categorized as Published Posts. Historical IGTV videos will get categorized as Posts in the future to align with these changes.

Learn more about the change here

October 12, 2021

Keep your publishing content workflows running smoothly with message approval notifications

Now Message Approvers on Premium and Advanced plans will receive two new notifications to ensure content is getting reviewed and scheduled. The notifications include:

  • A daily notification that is sent each morning to message approvers if there are posts to approve. This notification includes a count of all the posts needing review in the next 24 hours. If all posts are approved, no notification is sent.
  • A just-in-time notification that is sent each hour to message approvers if they have posts to approve.

Additionally, message authors also receive a new notification alerting them to expired approvals. This notification:

  • Gets sent to a message author when a post wasn't fully approved in time for publishing. 

Learn more about approval workflows in Sprout with this how-to.

October 14, 2021

Continue your in-app Conversations into Sprout's reporting suite

Now you can continue your conversations in Sprout with the Tag Performance Report. You can start a new conversation on:

  • Posts in the Top Posts widget in the Overview tab
  • Posts in the Tag Details view in the Tags tab

You can mention other Sprout users, view ongoing conversations in the Conversations drawer and receive in-app, email and Slack notifications on Conversations started in the Tag Performance Report. Learn more about leveraging Conversations with this overview. 

October 14, 2021

Increased character limit for LinkedIn posts

Now you can compose messages up to 3,000 characters to post on LinkedIn personal profiles and Company pages through Sprout. Learn more about composing posts with this how-to

October 21, 2021

Discover how your brand is perceived by sending Facebook feedback requests in Sprout 

Now you can keep a pulse on how your customers are feeling by sending feedback requests for CSAT or NPS directly from Sprout. Enable your Customer Feedback settings to include your Facebook profiles, in addition to your Twitter profiles and gather insight directly from customer conversations.


Learn more about configuring your Customer Feedback options with this how-to.

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