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As a best practice, Sprout recommends removing all personal Facebook profiles from your Sprout account to free up space to connect profiles that can leverage Sprout’s functionality.

Note: Due to past Facebook data changes prohibiting third party tools from posting to personal profiles, you can’t post or gather metrics from these accounts in Sprout. 

To disconnect your personal Facebook profile from Sprout, you must have the Manage profiles & permissions privilege and Read Only publishing permission for the Facebook profile. 

To remove a personal Facebook profile:

  1. Navigate Account and settings > Settings > Users & Social Profiles.
  2. Select the appropriate Group, and then selectScreen_Shot_2021-09-14_at_3.11.09_PM.png to view all Facebook Profiles.
  3. Locate your personal Facebook profiles. A description appears under each Facebook account connection, so you can verify if the connection is to a Facebook Page, Group, Ad Account or Personal Profile.
  4. Click Overflow_Menu.png and then View Profile for your personal profile.
  5. Click Delete.png to disconnect the profile. Ensure you are removing it from the proper Group and that it is a Facebook Personal Profile and not a business profile.
  6. Click Confirm to complete the disconnection.

Now you can either connect a Facebook business profile, or connect another social network in your personal profile’s place.

To connect a profile:

  1. Navigate Account and settings > Connect a Profile. You can also connect a profile by clicking + Connect social profiles within Users & Social Profiles.
  2. Select the Group the profile belongs to from the In Group dropdown.
  3. Select the network you want to add. There may be additional options based on the network you choose.
  4. Click the button in the lower right corner of the Connect a Profile screen. You are sent to the corresponding network's site.
  5. Follow the prompts to authorize the profile.

You must be an admin for a Facebook, Instagram Business or LinkedIn Company Page in order to connect it. Learn more about troubleshooting Facebook and Instagram connection issues by reading our article.

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