September 2021

Releases this month

  • September 1 - Listening data in Custom Report Builder
  • September 7 - LinkedIn video views data in more reports
  • September 7 - Inbox Activity Report available on mobile
  • September 8 - Continue the conversation on post performance reporting
  • September 8 - Twitter Feedback Report name change
  • September 20 - Premium analytics features for Tag Performance Report
  • September 20 - Saved Views are now Custom Views
  • September 22 - Unspecified NameID support for SSO
  • September 28 - LinkedIn audience geo-targeting update

September 1, 2021

Add your Listening data to your custom reports with the Premium Analytics add-on

The Listening performance tab data is now available in the Report Builder. Take your custom reporting a step further by showing the connections between your social efforts and what your broader audience is saying and how they're feeling.


Learn more about using the custom Report Builder with this how-to

September 7, 2021

Get the full story behind your LinkedIn video performance

Now you can get data about LinkedIn video views in both the Profile Performance and LinkedIn Pages Reports. You can see video views as well as daily average video views on the LinkedIn Pages Report. 

To learn more about the LinkedIn Pages Report, view this article.

September 7, 2021

Check on your team's activity on the go with the Inbox Activity Report

You can now access the Inbox Activity Report on Sprout's Android and iOS applications. Now you can assess your social efforts and check out your team's performance, regardless of where you are.


Learn more about the Inbox Activity Report with this overview.

September 8, 2021

Collaborate throughout the Sprout app with Conversations now available for reporting

Now you can start conversations on posts that appear in the following Sprout reports:

  • Post Performance Report across all networks
  • Profile Report across all networks
  • Custom Reports that contain the Top Post widget


Learn more about starting conversations in Sprout with this how-to.

September 8, 2021

Twitter Feedback Report is now the Customer Feedback Report

We've updated the name of the Twitter Feedback Report to the Customer Feedback Report. Outside of the name change, your report should still function as it did before. Learn more about using this report on the Premium and Advanced Sprout plans here.

September 20, 2021

Share the data that matters most with Premium Analytics in the Tag Performance Report

Now you can customize which metrics you want to appear, sort your Top Posts and create a custom CSV export to share the most impactful data from your tagged content. 


Learn more about tailoring your report with Premium Analytics for stakeholders with this overview.

September 20, 2021

Saved Views are now known as Custom Views in the Smart Inbox

Now when you create your own inbox view in the Smart Inbox, it's added to the Custom Views list.


Learn more about pre-packaged Inbox Views and how to create your own with this how-to

September 22, 2021

Use unique identifiers to identify employees when establishing Sprout SSO at your organization

Now you can pass in an unspecified field as your NameID, whether integer or alphanumeric character, as your Response Subject's NameID Policy to better support your internal setup. 

Learn more about getting set up with SSO for Sprout with this article.

September 28, 2021

Select all of your LinkedIn location targeting options within a single search field

LinkedIn has updated their audience geo-targeting options to a single Locations field. You'll be able to search for a region or multiple regions in the Locations field and add your selection(s) as a target.


Note that any existing posts that use the legacy geo-targeting unique categories will fail if they are scheduled to post after the 29th of September. You will need to update posts scheduled after this date by using the new Locations targeting field. 

Learn more about LinkedIn audience targeting with this article.

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