My Feed in Employee Advocacy

Your feed is made up of a few tabs with Stories that are relevant to the Topics you follow. You can use the Topics filter so you only see the Stories you're most interested in.


The For You tab contains the latest Stories from your Required and followed Topics. Click a Story to open it and read through. Then, decide if you want to share the Story with your networks. You can also like Stories reshared from X and LinkedIn. These likes appear directly on the original X or LinkedIn post.


Note: You can only share a story when your social accounts are connected to Employee Advocacy. Learn how to connect your networks here

Use the search bar to search for Stories by title or keyword.

The Explore Topics tab contains all of the available Topics you can follow in Employee Advocacy. In the Topics to Follow section, click Follow for any Topic that sounds interesting to you. You can also click Following to unfollow a Topic if it’s no longer relevant. 


The Scheduled tab provides a list of the Stories you’ve scheduled to share.

The Shared tab provides a list of all the Stories you’ve shared. 


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