Content in Employee Advocacy

The Content section in Employee Advocacy helps Admins and Managers understand the current state of the content across various statuses and sources.

This article contains the following sections:


The Current tab provides a list of all active Stories available for sharing, along with a share count for each Story.



The Upcoming tab provides a list of Stories that aren’t available yet, but scheduled to become available during a specific date range. Click a Story to see when the Story is available to share and make any edits as necessary. 



The Past tab provides a list of all previously available Stories. Click a Story to open it, view tags and duplicate it, if needed. 



The Drafts tab provides a list of all drafted content by various Readers and Teams. Click a Story to open it and then click Screen_Shot_2021-11-09_at_10.47.54_AM.png in the upper right corner to edit, delete or duplicate the Story.


Needs Approval

The Needs Approval tab provides a list of all the Stories awaiting approval for sharing. Click a Story to open it. Click Edit at the top and either set a Start and End date for sharing, turn the Story into a Draft for more work or click Add Story



The Sources tab is available only for Admins. From this tab you can manage the Sources being pulled in from Zapier. If a Source is no longer valuable or pulling in shareable content, click Remove to remove it.



The Suggestions tab is only available for Admins. From this tab you can review Story suggestions from your employees. Click a Story to open it, and then click Edit at the top to turn it into a shareable story or click Delete if the suggestion isn’t appropriate. 



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