Employee Advocacy FAQs

The following includes some common questions and answers when using Employee Advocacy.

Why are preview images, titles, and text not included within shared posts?

Preview images, titles and text are dictated by HTML formatting.


For Facebook, you must apply Open Graph Tags.

Read more about Open Graph Tags

Confirm Facebook link previews with Facebook's Share Debugger


For X, you must Summary Cards in an article to include previews within shared Posts.

Read more about Summary Cards

Are new teams created when I upload a CSV file to invite users?

Yes. When inviting new team members via CSV upload, any new Teams are automatically created. You can view these Teams in Company Settings > Teams.

Can I forward Digests or Newsletters to people outside of Employee Advocacy?

No, only users with Employee Advocacy can view content shared from a Newsletter or Digest. If someone else clicks a link from an Employee Advocacy email, they're prompted to log in. Sprout doesn't recommend forwarding these emails to people outside your organization.

Can I edit the image preview associated with shared Facebook posts?

Currently, no. Because not all story links have image previews associated with them, so the default is the profile picture associated with the page you're publishing to.


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