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Employee Advocacy makes it simple to find and share great content on both desktop and mobile. Employee Advocacy is a great app to take your experience on the go and share content right when you discover it.

Downloading the app

Employee Advocacy is available for both iOS and Android. Use the following links to download the apps to your device(s):

Download the iOS app

Download the Android app


Employee Advocacy's mobile experience is built around reading stories and sharing them to your connected social networks. Administrative features, such as inviting users, managing teams or viewing reports and curating Stories aren't available.

When you open the Employee Advocacy app, you see your feed of shareable Stories. Toggle between StoriesScheduled and Shared by tapping at the top of the feed.


Tap a story to read it.


Tip: If the curator included a note, you can tap the note at the top to expand and read the entire message for additional context.

Tap Share in the upper-right corner to choose which network to share to. You can share photo Stories to X, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also share Video Stories to Instagram.


You can send a post immediately by tapping the button on the right side. Or you can schedule for later delivery by tapping clock.png. You can also select Choose the best time for me to use Sprout’s AI-powered Optimal Send Times to determine the best time to post based on your timezone and selected networks.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 1.13.07 PM.png

You can suggest a Story and edit your profile from the bottom menu.


Tap Suggest to suggest a photo Story.


Tap Profile to edit your personal profile settings.

Sharing Video Stories to Instagram

To share a Video Story to your personal Instagram profile:

  1. Tap Share in the upper-right corner and then select Instagram. Your native Instagram app opens with the video loaded as a post.
  2. Choose if you want to share the video as a Story, Feed Post (Reel) or send to another Instagram account via direct message.

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