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You can generate content for your advocacy program directly from Sprout Social using Send to Bambu.

Send to Bambu provides multiple ways for you to seamlessly pass content from Sprout to Bambu.

From the Calendar List view in Sprout, you can pass Sent Messages to Bambu's Sources. To send a message to Bambu click Send_to_Bambu_icon.png. A success message prompt appears with a link to the Bambu feed.


You can also pass links and articles to Bambu's Sources feed from the Find Content view in Sprout. To send a message to click Send to Bambu. A success message prompt  appears with a link to the Bambu feed.


From Bambu Sources, Admins & Curators have two options: curate the social post itself or only include the link within the social post.


Select the article or post from Sources. Next, click Edit to curate.


From the curator modal, select between the original article or the social post from the article you are sharing, if both are available.


Once you are done editing, click Add Story.

Note: You must have access to the Advocacy Report in Sprout in order to access Send to Bambu. If you use both Sprout and Bambu and don't have Advocacy Report access, reach out to your Bambu Account Manager.

Send to Bambu FAQs

Are there any limitations for what content comes over from Sprout?
Yes, there are some network specific limitations:

  • For Twitter, you can curate the social post and not the original article.
  • For Linkedin, only the URL is transmitted to Bambu, which means that you can only curate the original link.

The following sent message post types can be sent from the Sprout Calendar List and Week views to Bambu via the Send to Bambu option:

  • Facebook link posts
  • Facebook single-photo posts
  • Twitter link posts
  • Twitter single-photo posts
  • LinkedIn link posts

Can Send to Bambu bring over stories with images or photo stories?
Yes, however, these kinds of stories will come through as a social message, not a photo story.

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