Google’s Business Messages profile set up

Google’s Business Messages profiles are unique in that they’re set up and managed completely through your Sprout account because there is no native Google’s Business Messages platform. Rather than connecting to a native profile, instead you request the Google’s Business Messages profile through Sprout and then receive verification from Google to complete the profile set up.


After you request a Business Messages profile in Sprout, both Sprout and Google take several steps to review your brand identity and its associated chat locations, ensuring that all profiles created are legitimate and meet Google’s User Acceptance Agreement.

This process can take some time. If you’ve requested a profile and are curious about the status, the following steps provide details on where you’re at in the process. If you have additional questions about your status, contact our Support team.

  1. You submit your Business Messages profile request in Sprout
  2. Sprout sends Google your submitted profile request brand information.
  3. You receive an email from Google requesting permission for Sprout to create this profile on your behalf.
  4. You respond to Google’s email as directed.
  5. Google reviews and approves or rejects your brand information.
  6. Sprout sends Google your submitted profile request location information.
  7. Google reviews and approves or rejects your locations.
  8. Sprout launches your Google’s Business Messages profiles.

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