April 2021

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April 1, 2021

Dive deeper into your Instagram metrics with IGTV

Now you can gather rich data around your overall IGTV performance with Sprout’s reporting suite. You can see your IGTV data in the Profile Performance, Post Performance, Tag and Instagram Business Profiles Reports.


Take a look at our Reporting articles to learn more about uncovering insights for your IGTV performance. 

April 7, 2021

Search and select profiles with an enhanced Compose experience for iOS

A new streamlined Compose experience for Sprout's mobile app for iOS makes publishing easy on the go. You can search for profiles directly from Compose, see network restrictions at-a-glance, see the networks you post to most frequently first and reconnect profiles all within a new UI experience.


Learn more about composing in Sprout's mobile apps with this helpful article

April 8, 2021

Use Calendar Notes to enhance your publishing strategy

You can apply internal tags to your Content Calendar notes and add notes directly to Compose. Calendar Notes provide insight to your team about the content you’re scheduling out. Now when inspiration strikes, you can take a note and turn it into an engaging post, or ensure the notes relating to your campaigns or content types are tagged appropriately.



Learn more about Content Calendar notes with this Content Calendar overview

April 9, 2021

Enhance the accuracy of your Listening Queries with noisy keyword warnings

As you build out your Listening Queries, Sprout now notifies you if your query contains a keyword that could add a lot of noise or irrelevant messages to your Listening Topic. This way you can enhance the accuracy of your Listening Queries and focus on the messages that mean the most to what you're listening for.


Learn more about building Listening Queries with this overview article

April 12, 2021

Keep using internal Conversations to collaborate with your team in Sprout

The Conversations feature in Sprout is now denoted with a new icon Screen_Shot_2021-04-09_at_2.23.34_PM.png

You can use this icon to open the Conversations drawer, start a conversation on a message or view internal conversations on posts.


Learn more about Conversations and how to easily collaborate with your team with this article.

April 14, 2021

Streamline your service desk processes by creating and managing Tickets, Contacts and Users with Zendesk or HubSpot in Sprout

Now you can create Tickets and manage Contacts or Users directly from Sprout. You can create, view, edit and comment on Tickets for Zendesk or HubSpot directly from messages in the Smart Inbox. You can create Tickets directly, rather than using Tasks and manage your Users or Contacts.


Learn more about the Help Desk integrations Sprout offers: Zendesk or Hubspot

April 14, 2021

Manage your Salesforce and Dynamics 365 data directly from messages in the Smart Inbox

You can create, view, edit and comment on cases for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 directly from messages in the Smart Inbox.


Learn more about the Help Desk integrations Sprout offers: Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

April 14, 2021

Dormant Listening Topics

Now after you archive a Listening Topic and don’t view it within 60 days, it becomes dormant. When a Listening Topic becomes dormant, you can make it available again by clicking Access Topic when you open the archived topic. Within a few hours, your dormant topic becomes available for viewing again.


Learn more about Listening Topics and archiving them with this helpful how-to

April 20, 2021

Twitter replies now available for auto tagging

When you enable automatic tagging in your Smart Inbox, Twitter replies to posted Tweets now get automatically tagged. Note that nested replies, reply threads, Retweets and Quote Tweets are not auto tagged, but top-level replies to your Tweets are.


To learn more about automatic tagging, see this helpful how-to.

April 20, 2021

See your active filters at-a-glance and quickly see data that fits your criteria

Now the filter menu is stacked horizontally across the top of the following reports in Sprout:

  • Profile Performance
  • Twitter Profiles
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram Business Profiles
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • Pinterest Performance
  • Twitter Feedback
  • Chatbots 
  • YouTube
  • Cross-Network Paid Performance
  • Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance
  • Twitter Paid Performance
  • LinkedIn Paid Performance
  • Report Builder
  • Post Performance 

This way you can easily view which filters are active with icons and a quick summary of each filter applied. As an added benefit, your data loads faster in your reports based on the filters.

Note: You'll receive a popup notification in Sprout when this is enabled for your account.

April 22, 2021

Start Conversations on Smart Inbox messages

Team collaboration is more seamless than ever with Conversations on all Smart Inbox messages. Now you can discuss not only your outgoing posts, but you can chat about incoming messages and the next actions to take with your team. The Conversations drawer brings it all together, with timely notifications and updates about the conversations your teams are having. Stay in the loop even more with in-app, email and Slack notifications, too.


Learn more about starting Conversations and collaborating with your team in Sprout with this overview article

April 26, 2021

Mark Complete in Bulk action available in the Smart Inbox

Now if you have the Manage profiles & permissions permission you can mark messages complete in bulk in the Smart Inbox from the All Messages Inbox View. 


Learn more about the message actions you can take with this overview.

April 27, 2021

Configure Company and Feature permissions for your users

Now your user permissions can match your company set up -- from enterprise to agency. 

With more granular Company Permissions and new Feature Permissions for the Smart Inbox, Listening and Reporting suites, you can give your users access to exactly what they need based on their role.

Note: Your current users with the Manage Profiles & Permissions permission still have access to everything they did before. You can navigate into your user settings to set up more granular permissions.



Learn more about getting set up with Groups and profile permissions, and then start applying Company and Feature permissions with this how-to

April 28, 2021

Stay organized in the Smart Inbox with the Private Inbox View

The Private Inbox View contains only your private messages. With this pre-packaged view, you can quickly see private messages like Twitter DMs and Facebook DMs without needing to scroll through your Smart Inbox or creating a custom view. As an added benefit, this view updates automatically to include any new networks you add.


Learn more about the available Inbox Views with this overview.

April 29, 2021

Automatically moderate social posts with the Hide Comments Inbox Rule

Create a safe and welcoming digital space for your brand and community by using the Hide Comments action for an automatic Inbox Rule to automatically hide abusive, illicit, offensive, obscene or damaging comments from your Facebook Pages, Instagram Business Profiles and Twitter profiles. 


Learn more about Inbox Rules and setting up your Hide Comments rule with this how-to.

April 30, 2021

Create up to 100 Inbox Views

Within each Group a user belongs to, they can create up to 100 custom Inbox Views. Inbox Views are a great way to quickly find certain message types from different profiles and respond quickly.

Learn more about all the capabilities of Inbox Views with this article.

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