March 2021

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March 1, 2021

Enter dates or use arrow keys when scheduling content in Compose

Now you can enter a date or use the arrow keys to select a date when you schedule content in Compose. When you click into the date field, either enter the date you want to schedule the post for using your number keys, or use the arrow keys to scroll through the calendar to find the date you want.


Learn more about scheduling your content and the features of Compose with this helpful how-to

March 3, 2021

Keep your team up to date by editing and deleting comments in Conversations

If a comment you left on a conversation becomes out of date or is no longer needed, you can edit or delete your comment directly from the Conversations drawer in Sprout Social. Now you can quickly update your team on the latest hashtags or remove comments made in error. 


To learn more about starting Conversations from the Publishing tab in Sprout, review this helpful article.

March 22, 2021

Complete all Quote Tweets in the Smart Inbox

Sometimes, Tweets can match your Brand Keywords in Sprout and it turns out that the Tweet isn't relevant. When this happens, it can sometimes result in irrelevant Tweets cluttering your Smart Inbox. Now you can complete all Quote Tweets at once to keep your Smart Inbox clean and organized.


Learn more about the message actions you can take in the Smart Inbox with this helpful overview.

March 23, 2021

Enhance your Instagram engagement with IGTV

Now you can engage with view and reply to comments on your IGTV videos directly from the Smart Inbox. IGTV video comments are included in the Comments filter for Instagram messages and you see a special byline on messages in the Smart Inbox, so you know where they came from. 


Learn more about the available messages in the Smart Inbox with this article

March 24, 2021

See your active filters at-a-glance and quickly see messages that fit your criteria

Now, the filter menu is stacked horizontally across the top of the Smart Inbox and Publishing tabs in Sprout. This way, you can easily view which filters are active with icons and a quick summary of each filter applied. As an added benefit, your messages load faster in your Smart Inbox and Publishing tabs based on the filters.

Note: You'll receive a popup notification in Sprout when this is enabled for your account.


Get started with the new filtering experience in Publishing with this article and learn more about filters in the Smart Inbox with this article.  

March 30, 2021

Gain more insight into your top competitors with competitive analysis topics

Now you can add up to 10 competitors to your competitive analysis topics, instead of six. You can now analyze the conversations around your top 10 competitors to enhance your social strategy. Learn more about Competitive Listening topics with this article

March 31, 2021

Enhance security and create a seamless login for your Bambu account

Now you can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) yourself within Bambu for your Bambu account. SSO ensures your network administrator has full control over the individual accounts that can access Bambu and creates a seamless user login experience for your users.


Sprout recommends having an IT team member set up SSO for your Bambu account. To learn more about getting started, review this article in our Bambu Help Center.

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