February 2021

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February 1, 2021

Share insight into your scheduled content and reports with link sharing

Now you can specify exactly who has access to your calendar links and track who viewed your calendar links to get insight into how recipients are engaging with your content.


Additionally, if you’re a Premium Analytics customer,  you can share links to 11 select reports to stakeholders and team members outside of Sprout. 

Give stakeholders insight into your reports and Content Calendar by following the steps in this how-to

Manage your Contacts and Leads directly in Sprout with the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations

Now any time you engage with a user from the Smart Inbox, you see all relevant CRM data including a user’s Contact and Leads associated with their social profile. 

When you reply to messages from the Smart Inbox, you can match people to Contacts or Leads in your  Salesforce or Dynamics 365 instance. You can also make edits to your Contacts and Leads directly in Sprout and any changes you make are automatically updated in your CRM instance.


To learn more about Sprout’s integration with Salesforce, see this overview.

To learn more about Sprout’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, see this overview.

February 8, 2021

Schedule and send PDFs of your Listening Insights to your stakeholders

Now you can schedule and send PDF copies of your Listening Insights to share data with your stakeholders. Use the scheduling feature to set up PDF exports on a recurring basis to get your Insights delivered to your team and stakeholders, regardless of if they have a Sprout account.


Start scheduling and sharing your Listening Insights with this overview and how-to

February 9, 2021

Get a pulse on your YouTube performance in the Profile Performance Report

Now you can compare your YouTube performance against your other social profiles in the Profile Performance Report. Take a look at the audience, impressions, engagements and message volume you’re receiving on YouTube.


Your YouTube profile metrics are wrapped up in each section of the Profile Performance Report so you can easily identify trends in your reporting period. To learn more about the data found in this report, and YouTube metrics, check out this help center article.

February 18, 2021

Take more actions on saved messages in the Smart Inbox

Now you can search through and export the Saved Messages prepackaged Inbox View in Sprout's Smart Inbox. You can also filter and sort the messages in the Saved Message view by tags.


Learn more about the prepackaged views in the Smart Inbox and how to create your own custom views with this helpful overview.

February 26, 2021

Control message density in the Smart Inbox from the overflow menu

The message density toggle moved from being a standalone button into the overflow menu of the Smart Inbox. Now you can easily control all of your Smart Inbox settings from one menu.


Learn more about your inbox controls and visibility with this overview

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