Social Listening data availability

When you create a Listening Topic, Sprout Social automatically retrieves historical data for that Topic Query. The length of historical backfill and the time it takes to pull data into Sprout depends on the data sources you're listening to.

The following table provides a high-level view of what data is generally available. 

Network - The social network you're listening to.

Message types - The types of messages Sprout can listen to.

Backfill - The amount of time or the amount of data from which Sprout can pull historical data.

Update Schedule - The frequency of updates and the amount of data pulled into Sprout during each update.

Network Message types Automatic Backfill Update Schedule




Tweets, Replies, Mentions, Quoted Retweets and Retweets (shares) 30 days or the last 200k messages Real time




Posts, Visitor Posts (sometimes referred to as Community Posts) and Comments. 30 days Every 4 hours

Instagram Business


Posts. Comments are not included None Every 4 hours




Videos. Comments are not included 30 days  Every 24 hours
Tumblr Articles. Reblogs are not included. 30 days Every 24 hours
Web Blog posts, Forum posts and news articles. Reviews, general web pages and content behind paywalls are not included. 30 days or last 10k messages Every 24 hours
Reddit Posts and comments 30 days or last 10k messages Every 8 hours
LinkedIn Mentions associated with pages that are connected to Sprout, comments on those messages 30 days Every 24 hours


Historical Backfill Limits

If you want more historical data than what is provided in the automatic backfill, contact your Sprout Social Customer Success representative. Note that some limits do exist when completing a historical backfill for Listening. Those limits are outlined in the following table:

Network Manual Backfill Details


March 2006 Can go back to the start of Twitter


2 years or 600 messages/year Can get up to two years of data, however if there are more than 600 messages in a year, Facebook only returns the most important messages.

Instagram Business

Not available No historical capabilities exist



2006 Fewer videos are returned the further in time you go back. For example, you'll get more data from recent videos than videos from 2006.
Tumblr 2007 Fewer messages are returned the further in time you go back. For example, you'll get more data from recent posts than posts from 2007.
Web 25 months  
Reddit 1 year or 1200 messages  
LinkedIn 60 days  

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