January 2021

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January 5, 2021

Chat with your local customers with Sprout’s Google Business Messages integration

You can access and respond to your Google Business Messages in Sprout. Google Business Messages is a mobile conversation channel accessed via Google Maps, Google Search results and/or brand websites that creates a timely messaging experience for your customers. You can set dedicated messaging hours and respond to customers during that time to improve customer trust and loyalty.


Get setup with this exclusive Google product and start responding to your local customers. Check out this overview to get started.

Amplify the power of your Listening Topics with Sentiment Reclassification

You can improve the sentiment classification applied to messages in your Listening Topics by changing it from negative to positive and vice-versa. This improves the accuracy of your Topic Insights and enhances the algorithms classifying those messages.


To ensure sentiment is right where it should be, check out this overview.

January 8, 2021

Take a deep dive into your Listening Insights with enhanced interactivity

Now you can use the contents of the messages returned from your Listening Topics to customize the data you view in your Listening Insights. View the messages that make up a chart or dive into messages that fall into a specific demographic category. Take filtering a step further by only viewing message contents from a particular author or remove a noisy word or phrase from your query.


Learn more about the Listening Insights filtering capabilities with this overview

January 11, 2021

Collaborate on your Publishing content directly in Sprout with Conversations

Now with Conversations in Sprout you get instant access to new and past conversations surrounding your Publishing content. Follow up on reply approvals, messages and tasks directly in the platform to streamline your team collaboration.


Learn more about starting conversations and replying to them with this how-to.

January 12, 2021

Locate messages on-the-go with enhanced search in Sprout's iOS and Android apps

Now you can search within the Smart Inbox and Reviews section of both the iOS and Android apps. Search for messages containing specific keywords or look for messages from a specific user profile on-the-go. You can search in your current Inbox filters or search all of your messages at once.


Learn more about creating searches your Smart Inbox and Reviews on mobile with this how-to.

January 19, 2021

Give your audience more direct access to your brand with Facebook Groups publishing in Sprout

Now you can post as your company’s brand page to your owned Facebook Groups with all of your content planning features in Sprout. Facebook Groups are a great way to keep your audiences closer to your brand and keep your messaging consistent.


Learn how to connect Sprout with your brand’s Facebook Group with this overview.

January 27, 2021

Gain insights into your leads with additional metrics in the Facebook & Instagram Paid Performance Report

In addition to Website Leads, you can now capture more leads with the Facebook & Instagram Paid Performance Report if you're a Premium Analytics customer. These new metrics include:

  • Leads (All)
  • CPL (Cost per Lead)
  • Leads (All) Value
  • On-Facebook Leads
  • On-Facebook Leads Value

where Leads (All) includes your On-Facebook leads combined with your website leads. You can add these metrics to the Summary, Paid Channel Breakdown, Campaigns, Ad Accounts table, Campaigns  table and Ads table on the report as well as in the custom Report Builder.

Learn more about using the Facebook & Instagram Paid Performance Report with this article. To get an overview of the available metrics for Premium Analytics customers see this table

January 28, 2021

Copy text assets from your Asset Library on mobile for streamlined publishing

Sprout app users on iOS can now use the Copy button or copy action to copy text assets directly from the Asset Library. The text asset gets copied to your clipboard for easy pasting in your mobile publishing workflows.


To learn more about the Asset Library on mobile, see this helpful how-to.

Add tags to your messages in Android

Users of Sprout's Android app can now apply tags to their own scheduled, draft, or queued posts directly from the Publishing Calendar. This is a great way to ensure your messages crafted on-the-go are categorized appropriately.


To learn more about message tagging with Sprout, see this how-to article.

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