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Use the Feeds tab in Sprout Social to monitor your X Feeds, track Instagram Hashtags and to set up an RSS Reader.

Note: You must have the Feeds feature permission enabled in order to view this tab as well as Administrative Permissions and Manage Brand Keywords permission.

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X Feeds 

How many messages can Sprout pull into the X Feed?

X Feeds has a limitation of 800 messages. This means we can only look back at a maximum of 800 messages. If you follow more users or users who post frequently you'll be limited to how far back in time you can see. 

How do the messages under X Feeds compare to the timeline on X.com?

The X Feeds section in Sprout displays messages in strict chronological order, whereas X.com employs an algorithm to their timeline as explained in this article. Also, note that promoted messages included in the timeline on X.com aren’t included in the messages provided by X for X Feeds in Sprout. Therefore, X Feeds and the native timeline shouldn’t be ordered or match exactly.

Does Sprout support Feeds for any other social networks apart from X?

Other networks are not available at this time. If this is functionality you would like to see in Sprout, reach out to your Sprout Account Manager.


Instagram Hashtags

For Instagram Hashtags in Feeds, how far back are we pulling information for? 

It is undefined by Instagram how far back the hashtags can be pulled. 

Why is there a delay for incoming hashtags?

There is a 20-minute delay for hashtags when a user is active in the platform. Otherwise, Sprout polls for incoming hashtags once a day. 

Why are the post dates shown in Feeds different than the native post dates?

Instagram doesn’t provide timestamps for these posts so the date/time that shows on the post is the discovery time, when it was pulled into Sprout as a matched post. 


RSS Reader

How do I connect my Feedly account?

To connect your account in Sprout:

  1. Navigate to Feeds > RSS Reader. 
  2. Select Connect.
  3. Authenticate your Feedly account.
  4. Once you've connected Feedly, refresh Sprout to see your feeds.


What’s the difference between the RSS Reader in Feeds and Post via RSS located under the Publishing tab?

Post via RSS sets up posting from Feedly at regular intervals and automates publishing. RSS Reader sources material via Feedly to manually source material for publishing by clicking Send to Compose under any content.

Can I share my RSS Feed with other users in the Sprout account?

Only the user who connected the Feedly account to Sprout can view the RSS Feed. You can click Send to Compose under any content and submit a post for approval via an Approval Workflow if you want to collaborate with other team members before publishing.

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