Post Performance Report Updates - November 2020

Sprout Social currently provides cross-network views and reporting in the Post Performance Report, down to the post level. You could previously only view one network’s post at a time, which could make reporting tedious. But with the Post Performance Report updates you can review the overall performance of your social posts across all networks at once. You can also easily contrast activity across your networks in a single view, without losing the nuance of each network’s distinct post types, metadata and metrics. 


Note: The existing version of the Post Performance Report will be removed on December 17, 2020. Use this time to get familiar with the report updates and to create new saved filters, metric layouts and scheduled deliveries of the new report. On December 17, 2020, you will no longer have access to the existing version of the Post Performance Report and will need to update your scheduled delivery then.


There are six updates applied to the Post Performance report including:

  • A new version of the report - If you currently use the Post Performance Report, you’ll see an additional version in your Reporting tab. The updated version is denoted with a badge. You must update your saved filters, metrics and scheduled delivery when you start using this updated report.
  • Metric unification - Some metric names received updates and some metrics are now consolidated under a larger metric umbrella. For more details about the impacted metrics, review this help center article.
  • Filter unification - Filters in the Right Bar now contain more options that include Post Types, Tags and Content Types.
  • New filters - Additional filters in the Right Bar include Published Status and Author for all plan types.
  • In-app help - The updated report comes with a Report Glossary that defines each and every metric, along with the metric’s plan availability.
  • CSV Data Export - The export now contains 41 columns, instead of 70, to reflect the updated metrics in the report. Premium Analytics users also have additional CSV export options and metric selection. 

For more details about the report updates, review this helpful overview and how-to. 

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