Onboarding checklist

As an Account Owner, it’s up to you to ensure your Sprout Social account is configured and set up correctly before your team members start using it. Onboarding to Sprout is easy, but there are some important steps to go through before you open access to your team. 

Complete the items on this Onboarding checklist to ensure your account is set up and ready to go.

  1. Determine what your plan level is.
  2. Verify your social profiles.
  3. Verify your Sprout users have access.
  4. Manage your billing settings.
  5. Configure your Smart Inbox.
  6. Turn on publishing notifications.
  7. Get familiar with Failed Posts.

Determine what your plan level is 

Determining your plan level gives you insight on the features you have access to.Navigate in Sprout to Account & settings > settings and then click Billing & Plan. If you don’t have access to this, contact your Sprout Customer Success Manager. If you aren’t familiar with the features included in your plan, check out our plan breakdown articles and make sure your team is familiar with your plan level:

Verify your social profiles

Ensuring your profiles are connected and correct can save a lot of time when you start scheduling and posting content. To verify the social profiles connected to your Sprout Group:

    1. Navigate to Account & settings > Settings and then click Users & Social Profiles
    2. Select the Group, and then select the social networks you want to verify.
    3. Scroll down and review the list that the correct profiles are connected.

Verify your Sprout users have access

Ensuring users have the proper permissions to each social profile helps them ramp up on Sprout more quickly and ensures they can access the areas of the app they need. To verify permissions:

    1. Navigate to Account & settings > Settings, and then click Users & Social Profiles.
    2. Select the user you want to modify permissions for. You can grant Company Permissions, Reporting (if available), Listening (if available) and Features. 
    3. Scroll down to view the user’s permissions to each profile connected to your account. 
    4. Select the level of permission you want to grant to the user for the profile by selecting the dropdown. Repeat this for each profile.
    5. Click Save in the upper-right corner.

Manage your billing settings

Sprout recommends ensuring more than one person has access to your billing settings. At least two people should have access in case your account goes into a failed state. Account Owners should determine a second contact and add them to the Billing Contact in the Billing & Plan settings.

Configure your Smart Inbox

Configuring your Smart Inbox is critical so you know what types of messages are coming in, what filters you can use and to create views to ensure your Smart Inbox is streamlined for day-to-day use. Check out these great Smart Inbox resources:

Turn on publishing notifications

Publishing notifications are a great way to stay on top of what’s going on in Sprout. Publishing notifications are critical to know when posts fail or when a post is ready to publish to Instagram. To enable notifications:

    1. Navigate to Account & settings > Settings, and then click Notifications under Global Features.
    2. Select and deselect the notifications you want:
      • Email sends an email to the address you use for your Sprout account.
      • Drawer adds a notification to your drawer within Sprout.
      • Toasts show an additional message in Sprout when you perform the action.
    3. Turn notifications on in the app. If you downloaded the Sprout app, make sure to enable notifications to access updates on-the-go.

Get familiar with Failed Posts

Failed posts can happen for a number of reasons. Keep your eye on image1.png  in Sprout as your source of truth for failed posts or when profiles get disconnected. If you notice a red dot by image1.png, then something requires your attention right away.

Profiles need to be reauthorized from time to time due to partner API updates. If your profile requires reauthorization, you get a notification through image1.png on the right-hand navigation of Sprout. Clicking this shows the disconnected profile and a prompt to reauthorize. Make sure that you’re reauthorizing profiles through the Notifications drawer and not through your settings. If you try to reauthorize through your settings, you may incur an additional charge on your account.

If a profile becomes disconnected, do NOT reconnect the profile. Instead, reauthorize it by following the prompts in the drawer

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