Listening Platform Updates - October 2020

Sprout’s upgrade to the Listening platform gives you access to new features and fixes without any drawbacks or tradeoffs. Additionally, this platform update provides a strong foundation for new Listening features to enhance your social strategy.

New improvements

The platform update instantly gives you three new features you can use to enhance your Listening strategy:

  • Enhanced Reddit Data - Sprout partnered with Reddit to gain access to their entire data set. Listening Topics should see an increase of 50-150 times more data. 
  • Expand Instagram Hashtag limit with additional Business Profiles - Each new Instagram Business profile you add increases your Group’s limit by 30 hashtags. Current Instagram Hashtags you’re currently using in your Topics get distributed to all the profiles you attach. 
  • Better Word Clouds - Keyword analysis is getting more intelligent by keeping names and phrases together, rather than splitting them apart. For example, first and last names won’t appear as two separate words in the Word Cloud. 

Platform enhancements

In addition to the new functionality introduced with the platform update, some enhancements come with it in terms of data collection reliability.  These enhancements include:

  • Historical data completes within seconds, rather than minutes.
  • Backfilling time ranges improve to backfill data from whatever time period you specify.
  • Edited Topics get their data cleaned up more quickly, roughly six times per day.
  • Chart timeouts in the Conversations tab greatly reduce, if not disappear altogether. 

Platform Update FAQs

I’m a current Listening customer. When will I get these platform updates?

Throughout October 2020, existing customers will be moved to the updated platform. This doesn’t require any downtime.

Will volume or other metrics change after the migration?

No. All historical data remains throughout the migration to the new platform.

What will a Topic report look like for the end of October 2020 if my data was migrated in mid-October?

You shouldn’t notice any major changes in your data for the month of October. If you notice any differences, contact support. 

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