October 2020


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October 2020

Upgrading the future of Listening in Sprout Social with a new platform

Sprout is preparing for some exciting upgrades with a new Listening platform. This platform not only provides a more stable experience, but also comes with some perks like additional Reddit data, unlimited Instagram Hashtags and more comprehensive Word Clouds. 

If you're a current Listening customer the Sprout team will take care of your migration. Just note, you won't see any visual changes in your Sprout experience. The new platform is just new technology powering your experience with Listening. This migration is happening behind-the-scenes to make Listening even better.

To learn more about this platform enhancement, check out this helpful overview.


October 12, 2020

Use your current Listening Topics as guides to create similar Topics

Ever want to just make a slight tweak to your existing Topic queries, but don't want to leave yourself with a broken Topic if your tweaks don't return what you're expecting? Now, you can duplicate your existing topics in Sprout to make your tweaks without losing your existing queries. 


Ready to step up your Listening Topic game? Check out this helpful how-to on creating and duplicating Topics.

Remove unwanted messages from your Smart Inbox and chats

Sometimes Facebook private messages and Twitter direct messages contain less-than-wanted content that shows up in your Smart Inbox. Before, you'd have to contact Sprout Support to remove this NSFW content for you. Now, you can delete Facebook PMs that contain:

  • NSFW content
  • Spam
  • Personally Identifying Information (like Social Security numbers)
  • Personal Healthcare Information

directly from your Smart Inbox. This keeps your inbox clean and free from unwanted information.


Learn more about managing your inbox with this how-to article on managing Smart Inbox messages.

For Twitter DMs and Facebook PMs, you can delete inappropriate messages directly from the Chat view, too.


Check out all the different actions you can take on your messages with this overview.

October 15, 2020

Increasing Tag limits for better insights

Now, you can use up to 500 Tags per account, instead of 200. If you have an override for more than 500 Tags, your limit stays in place. The best part? There's no additional charge for the limit increase to 500. So long as you have Tags enabled for your plan, you can use up to 500 of them.

To learn more about harnessing the power of tagging in Sprout, check out this article.

October 19, 2020

Manage your Glassdoor reviews directly from Sprout

Engaging with your employer reviews on Glassdoor strengthens your brand perception and helps attract top job applicants. By connecting your Glassdoor profile you can manage review responses, make recommendations for improving brand reputation, complete the social recruitment lifecycle and bridge the worlds of Marketing and HR.


Learn about all the different ways you can manage your Glassdoor reviews with Sprout with this deep dive.

October 20, 2020

Get more insight on your team's publishing behavior with the Publishing Team Report

Now, you can get metrics on LinkedIn and YouTube publishing from your team to see the impact of their publishing efforts. 

To learn more about how to leverage the Team Report, check out this helpful article.

Give audiences the full experience of your video by uploading your SRT files through Sprout

Now, from Compose, you can upload up to four SubRip Subtitle files (SRT) for a Facebook or YouTube video post and a single SRT file for a Twitter video post. This way, your audiences can easily view captions along with your videos, making them more accessible.
To learn how to upload SRT files in Compose, check out this how-to.

Keeping you even more organized in the Smart Inbox with the Completed Inbox View

The Completed Messages inbox view contains all of the messages that you or your team marked as complete. With this pre-packaged view, you can quickly see completed messages and Bulk Tag them, take additional action, if needed and get graphs and stats on the contents of your completed messages.


To see the benefits of all the Smart Inbox views and controlling the visibility in the Smart Inbox, try out the steps in this how-to.

October 26, 2020

Upgrading your Facebook Page connection experience

Now, when you add a new Facebook Page to Sprout, the pages appear in alphabetical order, rather than the order returned through the API. Additionally, you can also search for Facebook Pages to connect by name. This way, you can quickly find the Pages you want to connect to your Sprout account.


Find out more about getting started and connecting your social profiles to Sprout with this overview article.

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