September Smart Inbox Naming Changes

Beginning in September 2020, the Messages view in Sprout Social is receiving name changes to better reflect the contents of each tab in the Messages area.

The Messages tab is becoming the Smart Inbox tab. The Smart Inbox helps you visualize your inbound message volume across your social profiles, find new conversations happening about your brand and quickly respond to those messages all from one place. For more information about the Smart Inbox, see our Introduction to Engagement.

The Smart Inbox tab is becoming the All Messages subsection. It's made up of the messages stream and the Right bar that empowers you to control the visualization of your Smart Inbox. This is so you and your team can focus on the messages you need to see and prioritize your responses accordingly. For more information about Smart Inbox views, see our article on Inbox Views.

The My Inboxes tab is becoming Saved Views tab. Saved views are made up of the filters you use to customize the view of your Smart Inbox. Saved Views save time and keeps your personalized inbox view readily available whenever you log into Sprout. For more information about Saved Views, see our article on creating a saved view.

Check out the following screenshot for the before and after of the naming changes.


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