Message Types in the Smart Inbox

The following table displays the message types that are available to Sprout and appear in the Smart Inbox, as well as those that are currently unavailable.

The table is made up of network, message type and the available in inbox status.

Network - The social media network that each message type relates to: Instagram Business Profiles, Facebook Pages, Twitter profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages.

Message Type - The type of message being listed. These differ by network and this list may not be exhaustive.

Available in Inbox - The message type that appears in the Smart Inbox. If this is checked, Sprout expects to receive that message type. If this is marked with the Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png symbol, Sprout doesn’t expect to receive the message type.

For more insight on Instagram message types, see this article.

For more insight on Facebook message types, see this article.

Network  Message Type Available in Inbox
 Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.56.14.png  Direct Messages  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.56.14.png  Mentions  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.56.14.png  Retweets  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.56.14.png Retweets with Comment   Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.56.14.png New Followers  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png 
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.56.14.png  Sent Messages  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.56.14.png Mentions from a private account (these will not pull into the Inbox unless both accounts are following each other. This is the same as natively on Twitter)  Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Comments on Posts  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Sent Messages (Sent Video Posts are not expected to appear in the Inbox)   Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Comments on Video posts  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Comments on LinkedIn Polls Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Mentions Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Comments on Shares of your Post Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png

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