Connecting Facebook and Instagram Profiles to Sprout

To connect your Facebook or Instagram Profile to Sprout, click Screenshot_2020-08-04_at_09.32.38.png on the right-hand panel in Sprout. 

If the profile doesn’t appear in the list of profiles available for connection, check the following to make sure that you have the correct admin status:

  • Are you added as an Admin in Facebook Business Settings?
  • How are your Facebook Page roles set up?
  • Is your Facebook Page connected to your Instagram account? (applies only to Instagram connection)

Verifying Admin status in Facebook Business Settings

To verify if you’re an Admin in your Facebook Business Settings:

  1. Ask other admins of your page to open on their desktop. The Facebook pages linked to their account appear.
  2. Instruct them to click the Facebook page that you’re having issues connecting in Sprout.Screenshot_2020-07-31_at_10.57.44.png
  3. Click Business Settings from the list on the left-hand side.Screenshot_2020-07-31_at_11.00.36.png
  4. Click People under Users, then click the Add button next to People.Screenshot_2020-07-31_at_11.02.14.png
  5. Instruct your admin to add your email address here, and then turn on the toggle next to Admin access.Screenshot_2020-07-31_at_11.04.39.png
  6. Open the email from Facebook to accept the invitation.  

Checking your Facebook Page Roles

You should also check the page roles to verify whether you have the necessary admin permissions: 

  1. Open the Facebook page on your desktop. 
  2. Click Settings at the top.
  3. Click Page Roles from the left-hand side.
  4. Scroll down to view all of the existing Page Roles and verify that your permissions are accurate.Screenshot_2020-07-31_at_11.12.02.png

Checking that your Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram Account

Only an admin can link a Facebook page to its corresponding account on Instagram. If you aren’t an admin you see an error message when you try to link the profiles. Once you confirm that you are added as an admin in both the Business Manager and Page Roles on Facebook, perform the following:

  1. Open the Instagram mobile app.
  2. Log out from your Instagram account.
  3. Log in again, and then tap Edit Profile in the profile screen
  4. Scroll down and tap Page in the business information section. 
  5. Select the required page from the list - a 'blue dot' confirms the connection.Screenshot_2020-07-31_at_11.19.49.png

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