March 2020

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March 3, 2020

Publish videos to YouTube Channels and Playlists

Plan and publish videos to a YouTube channel or playlist with a streamlined workflow directly from Compose.


Start using the publishing features for YouTube with this article.

March 17, 2020

Create Tag-based Inbox Views for personalized customer care

Personalize your team's inbox to exclusively show messages relevant to their role and responsibilities by leveraging tag filters in Inbox Views. 

Create your own tag filters and apply them to your inbox with this helpful how-to

Identify key messages with Smart Inbox Tag Filters

Filter your incoming messages by tag to find and take action on the messages that matter most. 

Explore tag filters with this helpful how-to.

Export and share tagged inbox messages

Capture and showcase pivotal messages and business insights by tagging messages and exporting them from Sprout's Smart Inbox. 

Export your inbox for more detailed analysis with this helpful how-to.

Organize and filter reviews with Tags

Filter your incoming reviews for Google My Business, Facebook and TripAdvisor by tags. 

Start filtering your reviews with this helpful how-to article

March 24, 2020

Add images and videos from Dropbox and Google Drive to your messages on desktop and mobile

You can add images and videos from your Dropbox or Google Drive account when you craft messages in Compose whether you're on desktop or mobile. 

Discover our Dropbox integration or our Google Drive integration with these articles.

March 31, 2020

Save Instagram First Comment hashtags in the Asset Library

Streamline your publishing workflow by saving your commonly used hashtags in the Asset Library to easily add to your Instagram First Comment. 

Start saving hashtags with this helpful article.

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