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Sprout Social’s new interface updates maintain user-friendliness while improving usability and design consistency. Feedback from customers over the years heavily influenced the new user interface. While you're sure to notice visual changes, the core foundation you're used to remains the same. The new interface is designed to help you increase efficiency, streamline collaboration and bring a little more joy to your workday.

Key Features

Our visual updates are designed to help you:

  • Work more efficiently: Thoughtful design gives you extra screen space to accomplish your goals and provide better opportunities to collaborate with your team.
  • Receive new features, faster: Sprout’s new, standardized design foundation enables the platform to build efficiently and delivers value from new features faster.
  • Get more out of your workday: You deserve a modern, aesthetically pleasing environment to do work. Enjoy the time you spend in Sprout!

What's New?

New navigation bar: The top navigation bar has now moved to the sides of the application. Feature names are now hidden, but are visible once you hover over the icons. This lets you focus on your work and removes unnecessary distractions.


Collapsable filter menu: The Right Bar filter menu is now collapsible. Your filters will stay enabled, but you now can hide them while you work.


Accessibility improvements: New fonts, colors, buttons and icons were thoughtfully selected and improve usability across browser types and operating systems, as well as users with visual impairments and disabilities.


Q: When you say “inspired by users,” what does that mean? How did you take inspiration?
A: This design was inspired by feedback collected from user interviews, support tickets, product feedback, user testing and beta testing.

Q: Who do I contact if I have issues or feedback?
A: Email support@sproutsocial.com with the subject line “Sprout Social Redesign Issue” or “Sprout Social Redesign Feedback”. Please send both positive and negative reactions; everything helps us improve Sprout Social for you and others.

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