Updated Date Picker for Scheduling Messages in Compose

Sprout is releasing an updated date picker for scheduling posts within Compose. Read this article learn more.


Less wasted space

The legacy date picker took up a lot of space and was optimized for viewing multiple scheduled times. In reality, 95% of scheduled posts in Sprout are for a single send time. Aligning the date picker with that reality allows more room for post content and less need to scroll.

Easier to schedule for next month

Scheduling near the end of the month for the upcoming month is a common behavior in Sprout Social. This was a cumbersome experience with the legacy date picker as you would have to click over to the following month. The updated date picker displays both the current and upcoming month to make scheduling towards the end of the month easier.

Change dates faster

Sometimes, the date for a scheduled post has to be changed. With the legacy date picker, a new date had to be selected and the former manually deleted. That experience wasn't intuitive or ideal. The updated experience allows for ease and efficiency in making adjustments.

Simple button for adding multiple send times

Scheduling a post on a recurring basis across multiple dates wasn't clear with the legacy date picker. The updated date picker features a simple button for adding additional scheduled times. For added clarity, all scheduled times are now displayed on the surface of Compose.

View scheduled content for selected profiles when composing

Hovering over a date in the legacy date picker displayed all messages scheduled for that day, regardless of where the post would be published. With the updated date picker, hovering over a date with scheduled posts will only display content for the profiles attached in Compose.

"Schedule Post" buttons for every day on the calendar

Soon, there will be scheduling buttons within each Calendar view: List, Week and Month. Clicking on a button across any of these views will open Compose with a pre-populated scheduled date. This upcoming enhancement should create efficiency by decreasing clicks needed to schedule posts.

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