Facebook Reporting Updates 2019

Sprout's Facebook reports have been improved, representing the second in a line of updates made to improve in-app reporting. The updated Facebook Pages Report and Post Performance Report feature new layouts, new metrics and improved functionality to help you provide a complete view of successes to all your stakeholders.

Note: Sprout is rolling out these updates to customers in a phased manner. If you don't already see the updates in your account, you will see them sometime in the coming weeks.

Facebook Pages Report
Post Performance Report
Facebook Competitor Report
Report Builder

Facebook Pages Report

Updates to the Facebook Pages Report include:

In-app metrics

  • Nonorganic impressions are now Paid Impressions.
  • New added metrics include Engagement Rate and All Clicks.
  • Impressions per Post, Link Clicks and Engagement per Post have been removed.

Exported CSV metric updates

  • New added metrics include Video Views, Reactions, Engagement Rate, All Clicks and more.
  • Impressions by type, Page interactions, Received PMs and a few other metrics have been removed.

User interface updates

  • New tabbed view at the top of the report which includes the following:
    • Overview tab
    • Demographics tab
    • Profiles tab

Data clarity

Note: Published post times in the Facebook Pages Report are always shown in PST, while data in the Post Performance Report is shown in the timezone you choose in Settings.

Post Performance Report

Facebook related updated to the Post Performance Report include the following:

  • Users can now sort by any of the included metrics for Facebook.

In-app Metrics

  • New added metrics include Engagements and Video Views have been added.
  • % Users Engaged, Average Users Engaged per Post, Likes, Message Link Clicks, Users Talking About This, Negative Feedback, Full Video Views and Partial Video Views have been removed.

Exported CSV metric updates

  • The following metrics have all been added:
    • Engagements
    • Video Views
    • Organic Video Views
    • Paid Video Views

Facebook Competitor Report

Public Engagement uses reactions, comments, and shares only to give a better apples to apples comparison of connected and competitor profiles. We do not include message clicks in this metric since they are not available for competitor profiles.

Report Builder

Sprout's Report Builder has been updated to include new Facebook widgets from the new Facebook Pages Report.



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