Asset Library on Mobile

Sprout Social Advanced plan members can access and edit content in the Asset Library on Sprout’s iOS and Android apps. As an Advanced plan member, you will be able to capture, upload, use and manage assets on the go.

Adding New Assets

To upload a new asset, tap three_dot_only.png along the bottom of the Sprout Social mobile app. This action will open the Overflow Menu.


From here, tap Asset Library.


Provided you have the appropriate Asset Library permission, the Mobile_Asset_Library_Plus_Sign.png on the bottom right of the screen will allow you to add a new asset.


Now you can select whether you want to upload a New Image or Video Asset or you want to create a New Text Asset.


If you select New Image or Video Asset you will be taken to your Camera Roll where you can select up to ten images or one video at a time. Once you select images, you can name them and add descriptions. You can also apply tags to your new assets.


If you select the option for a New Text Asset you’ll be taken to a modal where you can name the new text asset and compose content. You can apply tags to the text asset and decide if the context should be set to Compose, Reply or Compose & Reply.


Composing with Asset Library from Mobile

To compose a message using the Asset Library, open Compose and then tap Mobile_Asset_Library_Icon.png.


To build a post, tap assets in the order in which you’d like them to appear. Once you have the desired assets selected, click the Attach button on the top right corner of the screen.


You can search for assets by using the search field at the top of the screen.


You can also select Mobile_Asset_Library_Filter_Icon.png next to the search field to narrow down the amount of assets that are visible in the stream. From the Refine Assets view you can filter by Asset Type, Tags or Authors.


The View button on the top right corner of the screen will toggle the Asset Library stream between icon and list views. Depending on the view mode, the button will look like this Mobile_View_Button_List_View.png or like this Mobile_View_Button_Icon_View.png .


Watch the video below to learn more about composing a post using the Asset Library on mobile.

Asset Library on Mobile FAQs

Which file types are supported in the Asset Library on mobile?
Supported video files include .mov and .mp4. For images, .jpg, .png and .gif are the supported file types. Note that .mov files are not typically playable on Android devices, but .mov files stored in Asset Library can still be edited and sent to compose on Android devices given the proper permissions.

Can I bulk upload assets to the Asset Library on mobile?
Yes, with some limitations; see the item immediately below.

Are there any limitations for bulk selecting assets and sending to Compose?
Yes. When sending assets to Compose, here are the limitations:

  • You cannot select more than 10 images.
  • You cannot select image and video assets simultaneously.
  • You can only have one video file selected.

Can I search for assets on mobile?
Yes. You can search for assets based on the asset title.

Can I edit assets on the mobile app?
Yes, but not within the Sprout Social application. Download the assets you wish to edit and open them in your preferred editing app. You can then re-upload your edited media as a new asset.

Can I bulk use assets in Compose?
Yes. Your post can consist of text, video or image assets.

Are there different user permissions for Asset Library on mobile?
No. The same user permissions for Asset Library on Web are honored on mobile.

Can I update user permissions for the Asset Library through the mobile app?
Not at this time. You can update Asset Library permissions on the desktop version of Sprout.


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