Google+ Deprecation

Google is sunsetting Google+ in the coming weeks. As a Google+ Partner, Sprout Social is taking steps to ensure all functionality between Sprout and Google+ is deprecated by a March 7 deadline. The process includes two phases, with the first set of changes happening on January 28.

After January 28, you will no longer be able to:

  • Publish, draft, queue or schedule Google+ posts
  • Receive new Google+ messages in the inbox
  • Reply or delete Google+ messages in the inbox
  • Connect Google+ profiles in Sprout
  • Collect new data on Google+ posts
  • Schedule new reports with Google+ data

Note: Any Google+ drafts and messages scheduled or queued to go out after January 28 will be deleted. If a scheduled message includes Google+ and one or more other networks, Google+ will be removed and the message will be sent to the other networks as planned.

While no new messages will come in or be sent out after January 28, you will have access to historical messages until March 7. After March 7, all access to Google+ will be removed, meaning that you will longer see any components supporting Google+ anywhere within Sprout. After March 7:

  • All inbox message history will be deleted
  • All sent message history will be deleted
  • All reports data will be deleted

If you would like to keep your Google+ data, please download inbox history CSVs and any reports containing Google+ data before March 7.

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