Instagram Brand Keywords Changes (2018)

Instagram made changes in 2018 affecting all third-party apps, including Sprout Social. This article outlines how these Instagram updates impact Instagram Brand Keywords in Sprout.

Locations Removed from Brand Keywords

Instagram removed the ability for all third-party applications, including Sprout, to monitor messages tagged by location. As a result, we’ve removed location Brand Keywords from the Inbox.

Will Instagram ever bring Location messages back?

We’re not sure, but at this time we have heard no plans to bring these messages back. For now we recommend monitoring these messages natively on Instagram.

Hashtag Monitoring in Feeds

Instagram hashtags can now be monitored from your Feeds tab in Sprout. The new Feeds experience allows you to monitor up to 30 hashtags per Business Profile per week across all third-party apps, the maximum amount allowed from Instagram.

Why are hashtags in Feeds instead of Inbox?

The new hashtag experience is better aligned with the workflows used in Feeds. Because Instagram does not allow monitored hashtag messages to contain user information or the ability to directly interact with the message, hashtag monitoring is now a valuable research tool for your business. Hashtags monitored in Feeds will not count against your total Brand Keywords limit in the Inbox. For more information about the message, you can still click the timestamp to see the message in Instagram’s native app.

Why can’t I add more hashtags?

Instagram’s Graph API only allows users to monitor up to 30 hashtags per Business Profile every 7 days. This limit also factors in other features and applications that monitor hashtags, such as Sprout’s Listening or other third-party tools. Once you’ve reached your 30 hashtag limit, you will need to delete hashtags and wait up to 7 days to add a new hashtag. Monitoring the same hashtag across features and third-party tools will only count as 1 hashtag.

Am I able to see more context around the post?

You can click the message’s timestamp to see the post on Instagram. Here you can see more information and engage with the message.

For additional questions about how these changes impact your account, please contact your account representative or email

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