Publishing Notifications on Mobile

The Sprout Mobile app can send push notifications for posts that fail to publish and for scheduled posts that are published successfully. These notifications will help content creators stay on top of their outgoing communication, quickly reposting content that’s failed or confirming delivery of important and time-sensitive messages.

Note: Mobile Publishing Notifications are available for iOS and Android.

Failed Posts

You can set up notifications for failed posts by going through the following steps. Tap Mobile_Gear.PNG on the top right corner of the interface.


Tap Notification Preferences.


Scroll down and enable the Failed Posts toggle switch.


Tapping a Failed Message Notification will open Compose, enabling you to send, schedule or queue the message again.

There are various reasons why a message might fail to post. Three examples are provided below to give additional context.

Successful Scheduled Posts

You can set up notifications for scheduled posts that have been successfully published by going through the following steps. 

Tap Mobile_Gear.PNG on the top right corner of the app.

Tap Notification Preferences. Scroll down and enable the Successful Scheduled Posts toggle switch.


Learn more about the Sprout iOS and Android apps.


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