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New to Sprout Social? Learn more about how paid promotions are built directly into your publishing workflow here.

Promoting Facebook Posts is easy to do from Sprout Social, enabling you to maximize your content’s reach. Facebook posts can be promoted from Sprout’s Compose window, the Calendar and the Post Performance Report.


Connect a Facebook Ad Account in Sprout Social

Add a Facebook Business Page to Business Manager

Add a Facebook Ad Account to Facebook Business Manager

Promote from Compose

Promote from Calendar

Promote from Post Performance Report


You have to complete the following steps before promoting Facebook posts in Sprout Social.

Connect a Facebook Ad Account in Sprout Social

If you want to promote posts from within Sprout Social, you have to first connect a Facebook Ad Account to Sprout. Only Sprout users with the Manage profiles & permissions company permission can connect a Facebook Ad Account to Sprout.

Proceed with the following steps to connect your Facebook Ad Account to Sprout.

  1. Go to Settings and click on Users & Social Profiles.
  2. Select +connect social profiles from the top of the page.
  3. Select Facebook as the desired network.
  4. Select Connect Ads to start the authorization process.
  5. Next, you’ll be taken to Facebook to complete the connection.

Remember to grant all necessary team members within Sprout full publishing permissions so they can promote posts when creating new content.

Add a Facebook Business Page to Business Manager

Before promoting Facebook messages from within Sprout, you have to make sure your Facebook Business Page is added to Facebook Business Manager.

Note: If you haven’t set up a Business Manager account, Facebook provides a detailed article that shows you how to set one up.

To complete the process go through the following steps.

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Business Page.
  2. Select your Business Manager from Settings.
  3. Go to the Page tile in Business Manager.
  4. Select the Add Page button.
  5. If you're adding your own page, click Add Page one more time. If you're adding someone else's Page or creating a new Page you'll have to click the corresponding button for each option.
  6. Begin typing to search for the Facebook Page you want to add - you can also enter the Page URL.
  7. Once you've selected the correct page click the Add Page button.
  8. If you have an Instagram Business Profile connected to your Facebook Page, you will have to enter the password for that Instagram Profile in order to add the Page to Business Manager.
  9. Click the final Add Page or Add All button (depending on if you have a connected Instagram Profile) and you’ve successfully added your Facebook Business Page to Business Manager!

Add a Facebook Ad Account to Facebook Business Manager

Your Facebook ad account must be added to Facebook Business Manager before you can promote posts from within Sprout.

The process includes the following steps.

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Business Page.
  2. Select your Business Manager from Settings.
  3. Click on Add Ad Account in the center of the page.
  4. A small window will open up where you can choose to Add an Ad Account, Request Access or Create Ad Account. If you have a pre-existing ad account and you are the owner, then select the first option (if the other options are more appropriate, select one of them and skip step 5). 
  5. Enter your ad account ID.
  6. The only thing left to do is to click Add Ad Account.

Note: To find your Facebook ad account ID, navigate to Facebook's Ad Manager. Facebook provides an article describing how to find your ad account and ad ID number. You can also read this article to learn more about managing your Facebook Business Manager.

Ad Accounts in the Smart Inbox

After you connect your Facebook and Instagram profiles with ad accounts, you can filter the Smart Inbox by Ad Account and Ad Campaigns. These filters help you to:

  • better route messages to the appropriate teams
  • group and analyze trends in your ad campaigns
  • reduce context switching


To filter the Smart Inbox to show messages related to your Ad Accounts and Ad Campaigns:

  1. Select one or more Facebook or Instagram profiles from the Sources filter.
  2. Select Facebook and/or Instagram Ad Comments from the Messages Types filter.
  3. Select one or more campaigns from the Ad Accounts & Campaigns filter.

When you select an Ad Account or campaign, only ad comments from the selected items appear in the Smart Inbox. When no filters are selected, all ad comments from all your ad accounts and campaigns appear in the Smart Inbox.


Promoting a Facebook Post in Sprout

Promote from Compose

You can promote any Facebook post type in Sprout, including drafted, scheduled, queued or Publish Now posts. Messages that need approval can also be promoted.

  1. Go to Compose and select your desired Facebook Page from the Profile Picker
  2. Create your post
  3. Click the Promotion_Compose_Icon.png button
  4. Select the campaign for your ad or create a new one
  5. Select your target audience
  6. Select the total budget for the ad
  7. Select the run time
  8. Select the page publishing options
  9. Click Save

Note: Only users with Publishing Permissions for the selected Facebook pages and the associated ad account will be able to access Sprout’s Facebook Paid Promotion.

Remember that you can publish this promoted post like any other post in Sprout - you can publish immediately, put it in the Sprout Queue, schedule it manually or save it as a draft.

Promote from Calendar

Scheduled, drafted, queued and sent posts can be promoted from the Calendar in the Publishing tab. Toggle over to List view in the Calendar. Find the post that you want to promote and click on Promotion_Compose_Icon.png.


For sent posts, this action will open the Promote Facebook Post modal. Complete the form and click the Promote Post button.


For upcoming messages, the Compose window will open first, where you will be able to edit the message, and then set up promotion through the Promote Facebook Post modal.

Once a post has been promoted, you can quickly find it by looking for the Promotion_Calendar_Icon.png icon that appears in the Calendar. This icon will also appear within the Needs Approval Stream.

Promote from Post Performance Report

Go to the Reports tab and select the Post Performance Report. Click on the post that you want to promote.

Click on Boost Post and complete all of the fields in the Promote Facebook Post modal.


Facebook Paid Promotion FAQs

Can I promote to more than one Facebook Page at once?
Paid Promotion is only permitted to one Facebook Page at a time.

In Sprout, when does Paid Promotion start and end for an organic post?
Paid Promotion starts at the publishing time of a message. Paid promotion will end at the time specified in the Paid Promotion form in Compose unless the user has paused, ended or extended the period within Facebook Ads Manager.

Can I promote a message across multiple scheduled dates?
No, only one date is allowed when scheduling a promoted message. However, you can choose how long the Paid Promotion period will last within the Promote Facebook Post Modal.

Why can’t I see the Paid Promotion button in Compose although we’ve connected an ad account?
To promote a post, you have to be added as user to the Facebook Page and ad account for the same business in Facebook Business Manager. Once all of these actions have been completed, close and reopen Compose.

Which Ad Account currencies are supported?
Sprout supports the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, DKK, CAD, AUD, SEK, NOK, INR, MXN, BRL, ZAR.

Which post types allow a Call To Action button?
Only Link Posts allow Call To Action buttons.

Can I manage my audiences in Sprout?
No, you can setup your audiences within Facebook Ad Manager.

Why do I not see the Ad Account and Campaign filter in the Inbox?
The filter doesn't appear in the Smart Inbox unless at least one Facebook ad account is connected to Sprout.

What happens if a campaign is added or deleted from a Facebook ad account?
Changes made to campaigns within Facebook Ads Manager, including campaign creation or deletion, aren't reflected in the Inbox Ad Account and Campaign filter in real-time. It could take up to 24 hours for updates made within an ad account to propagate in the list of campaigns displayed in the Inbox filter.

Are inactive campaigns listed in the filter?

Active campaigns are those which are running as expected based on their schedule and settings in Facebook Ads Manager.

Inactive campaigns are those which are not running either because they were completed or because they were paused/turned off in Facebook Ads Manager.

Ad campaigns that were archived or deleted within Facebook Ads Manager are presented in the filter, and you can filter messages by selecting these campaigns in the filter.

Does the Inbox Ad Accounts & Campaigns filter include Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns?
Yes. The list of campaigns displayed in the filter includes all those which belong to a connected Facebook Ad Account regardless of whether the campaign includes ad sets or ads that run across Facebook, Instagram or both networks.

I do not see Facebook or Instagram ad comments displayed in the Inbox messages?
Both a Facebook Ad Account and Facebook Pages or Instagram profiles running ads must be connected to Sprout. 


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