Pinterest Functionality, Report Changes

Sprout Social has launched a Pinterest integration that enables you to streamline and optimize your Pinterest publishing and reporting efforts. Since integration went live, additional reporting functionality and features for Pinterest in Sprout are now available, including:

  • Pinterest data is now available in the Profile Performance Report
  • Pinterest widgets are now available in the Report Builder
  • Pinterest Profile and Pins data can now be exported in both PDF and CSV formats
  • Professional and Advanced plan level users can schedule and send Pinterest Performance Report PDFs
  • Post Performance Report now includes Pins data in CSV export and an easy, one-click way to navigate to the Pins tab of the Pinterest Performance Report

Additionally, Pinterest has deprecated a few data endpoints that were being used in the Pinterest Performance Report. As such, Sprout is no longer able to provide profile-level engagement metrics, specifically Clicks and Saves. However, the report still includes message-level engagement metrics for Saves and Clicks have been replaced with Comments.

Sprout is working collaboratively with Pinterest to ensure the most up to date, accurate and actionable data around Pinterest profiles. Sprout fully understands the value these types of detailed metrics can provide and will continue to bring you additional metrics as they become available through Pinterest APIs.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact your Sprout Account Executive or Sprout Support.

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