Pinterest Publishing

Publishing Pins and creating Boards is easy to do using Sprout's Compose or browser extension, allowing you to create and plan Pinterest content alongside your other social networks.

Creating Pinterest content in Sprout is similar to composing for other networks, with a couple notable exceptions.

Read about composing messages in Sprout.

To get started, click Compose and select a Pinterest profile.

To successfully publish a Pin to Pinterest, you must have:

  • An image attached to your post.
  • A Board to which to post your Pin.
  • A Destination URL for your Pin.

When you have a Pinterest profile selected, the Compose window will alert you to any missing required elements.


Note: You are not required to include any text in the compose box to publish a Pin.


You must select an image to include with your Pinterest post. JPG, PNG, and GIF formats are supported. Videos are currently not supported.

Images can be uploaded directly from your hard drive, or from the Asset Library.

Pinterest Options

Under the Pinterest Options area of the Compose window, choose one or more boards to which to publish your Pin. You can choose from an existing Board, or create a new board by typing the new Board's name in the text box and clicking Screen_Shot_2018-07-17_at_4.29.43_PM.png.


Note: New Boards are created at the time of publishing. If you opt to create a new Board, and then schedule your Pin to publish at a later date, the Board will not appear in Pinterest until the Pin publishes.

Pins must have a Destination URL. This can be any valid URL, but Pinterest does not support links shortened with a generic link shortener (i.e. a link that begins with will not work). Shortened custom domain links will work as expected (i.e. a link that begins with will work).


If you are on an Advanced plan and have configured URL Tracking in Business Settings, you can click Add tracking above the Destination URL box to automatically append your link with UTM parameters.

Read more about URL Tracking

Re-Pin with Sprout Mobile App (iOS)

You can Re-Pin from the Sprout mobile app by sharing from the Pinterest app or from a Pinterest URL in Safari. This is an easy and quick way to get your Pinterest content into the Sprout application while away from your computer.

Starting from the Pinterest App:

Tap Send

Tap More and select Sprout Social


Starting from Safari:

Tap share-icon-apple.png


Select Sprout Social


Finishing in Sprout Mobile:

Select at least one Pinterest Profile in the picker and tap Done.

The message and image will now auto-populate, you can publish or schedule the message like any other.



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