Pinterest Performance Report

The Pinterest Performance Report helps you measure performance across any and all Pinterest profiles you've connected to Sprout. From broad overviews to individual Pin performance, you'll get key information on the overall impact of your content.

Getting Started

The Pinterest Performance Report features a tabbed navigation interface that lets you quickly switch between three different views:

  • Overview - Activity Summary, Publishing Behavior, Audience Growth & Engagement information
  • Profiles - Total followers, Pins sent, Engagements, Saves and Clicks for each connected profile
  • Pins - Individual Pin Saves and Clicks metrics


Toggle between these for a variety of different metrics to measure.

The Right Bar allows you to choose your reporting period, as well as which Pinterest profiles you'd like to view in the report. If you have multiple Pinterest profiles connected, toggling these on or off immediately changes the displayed metrics.


For a glossary of terms, click About this Report in the upper-right corner of the page.

Note: The glossary of terms will change depending on which part of the report you currently have toggled. For example, the metric definitions for the Overview tab will look different than they will in the Profiles or Pins tabs.

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