Changes to Facebook Impressions (June 2018)

In June 2018, Facebook made updates to how they calculate the Impressions metric. To align with those updates, Sprout Social has changed how it calculates and displays Facebook Impressions in relevant reports.

Overview of Changes

Instead of breaking down Impressions by Organic, Viral and Paid, Sprout will now provide two metrics: Organic and Nonorganic.

Organic Impressions combines both the previous Organic and Viral numbers, whereas Nonorganic includes any impression not generated organically, consisting mostly of Paid impressions.

Note: CSV exports of the Facebook Pages Report will still include breakouts of Paid and Viral Impressions metrics as supplied directly by Facebook.

In practice, percentage breakdowns should feel familiar. For reference, here are two pie charts for the same number of impressions, before and after the above changes:





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