Switching to an Instagram Business Profile

This article will teach you how to convert your Instagram profile to an Instagram Business Profile, as well as how to connect it to Sprout Social.

Tip: Before performing any of the steps below, ensure you are already logged into the Facebook account that has admin access to the Facebook Page you plan to associate with your Instagram Business Profile.

Converting to an Instagram Business Profile

Follow the steps below, from within the Instagram mobile app, to convert your existing Instagram profile to a Business Profile. 

  1. In Instagram, go to your profile and tap the gear settings icon.
  2. Tap Switch to Business Profile.
  3. Select the Facebook Page you’d like to connect to your new Instagram Business Profile. You might also have the option to tap Create a Page and create a new Facebook Page to associate with Instagram. 
  4. Fill out your contact details. You’ll need to provide at least one method of contact.
  5. Tap Done and you should be all set!

Note: You need admin access to a Facebook Page in order to associate it with an Instagram Business Profile.

Instagram provides a video walkthrough that shows you this process step-by-step.

Connecting an Instagram Business Profile to Sprout

Use the steps below to add an Instagram Business Profile add-on to Sprout. You must first have connected the Instagram profile to Sprout before you can connect the Business Profile add-on.

  1. In Sprout, click Screen_Shot_2018-01-31_at_10.07.21_AM.png in the upper-right corner to connect a profile. You must have admin accessto the Facebook Page associated with the Instagram Business Profile.
  2. Click Instagram, then select Instagram Business Profile.
  3. On the next page, click Go to Facebook. After being transferred to Facebook, allow Facebook to connect your profile by clicking OK. You will be taken back to Sprout, where you can select the Business Profile(s) to connect.


Note: In order to successfully connect an Instagram Business Profile add-on to Sprout, you must be in a group which contains the Instagram profile that you want converted.

Confirming an Instagram Business Profile in Sprout

To confirm an Instagram Business Profile add-on has been correctly connected to Sprout, open Compose and select an Instagram Business Profile from the dropdown menu. The Choose Publisher (Screen_Shot_2018-02-28_at_9.12.52_AM.png) icon will be grayed out, meaning that choosing a publisher is not required.


You can still choose to publish through the Instagram Scheduling workflow by clicking that icon and choosing a publisher.

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