Switching to an Instagram Business Profile

This article will discuss how to convert your Instagram profile to an Instagram Business Profile, as well as how to connect it to Sprout Social.

A troubleshooting section is included at the bottom of this article.

Tip: Before performing any of the steps below, ensure you are already logged into the Facebook account that has admin access to the Facebook Page you plan to associate with your Instagram Business Profile.

Converting to an Instagram Business Profile

Follow the steps below, from within the Instagram mobile app, to convert your existing Instagram profile to a Business Profile. 

  1. In Instagram, go to your profile and tap the gear settings icon.
  2. Tap Switch to Business Profile.
  3. Select the Facebook Page you’d like to connect to your new Instagram Business Profile. You might also have the option to tap Create a Page and create a new Facebook Page to associate with Instagram. 
  4. Fill out your contact details. You’ll need to provide at least one method of contact.
  5. Tap Done and you should be all set!

Note: You need admin access to a Facebook Page in order to associate it with an Instagram Business Profile.

Instagram provides a video walkthrough that shows you this process step-by-step.

Connecting an Instagram Business Profile to Sprout

Use the steps below to add an Instagram Business Profile add-on to Sprout. You must first have connected the Instagram profile to Sprout before you can connect the Business Profile add-on.

  1. In Sprout, click Screen_Shot_2018-01-31_at_10.07.21_AM.png in the upper-right corner to connect a profile. You must have admin accessto the Facebook Page associated with the Instagram Business Profile.
  2. Click Instagram, then select Instagram Business Profile.
  3. On the next page, click Go to Facebook. After being transferred to Facebook, allow Facebook to connect your profile by clicking OK. You will be taken back to Sprout, where you can select the Business Profile(s) to connect.


Note: In order to successfully connect an Instagram Business Profile add-on to Sprout, you must be in a group which contains the Instagram profile that you want converted.

Confirming an Instagram Business Profile in Sprout

There are two ways to confirm if an Instagram Business Profile has been correctly connected to Sprout.

First, go to Settings > Users & Social Profiles and find your Instagram profiles listed under All Profiles. Any profiles that have successfully been connected as business profiles will list “Instagram Business Profile” next to the profile name.


Another way of determining if your profile has been successfully connected as an Instagram Business Profile is by opening Compose and selecting an Instagram Business Profile from the dropdown menu. The Choose Publisher icon (Screen_Shot_2018-02-28_at_9.12.52_AM.png) will be grayed out, meaning that choosing a publisher is not required.


You can still choose to publish through the Instagram Scheduling workflow by clicking that icon and choosing a publisher.

Read more about Instagram Business Profiles

Troubleshooting Connection Settings

If you are currently unable to connect or reconnect an Instagram Business profile or Facebook Page to Sprout, follow the steps below, in order, to verify specific settings in Instagram and Facebook.

Note: Due to recent changes in Facebook’s API, you may be unable to reconnect an Instagram or Facebook profile that you had previously connected. The steps below will still apply!

If you want to connect or reconnect a Facebook Page only, skip to the step discussing Admin Status on your Facebook Page.

1. Is Your Instagram Converted to a Business Profile?

You should first verify that your profile is a Business Profile on Instagram. You can confirm this in the Instagram mobile application by going to your profile and tapping Edit Profile. Business Profiles will have a section titled Business Information.


2. Is Your Instagram Connected to the Correct Facebook Page?

For this setting, you must check the Instagram mobile application again. While the setting may show as connected on Facebook, you should verify the connection from Instagram’s end as well.

To do this, go to your profile again and tap Edit Profile. Tap the name of the connected Facebook Page in the Business Information section. Confirm that a checkmark.jpg shows next to the correct Facebook Page.


If the Page appears to have the correct name, but no profile photo, the connected Page is most likely one that Instagram created when you converted to a Business Profile. To resolve this, simply tap on the Page that includes your profile photo - after this step, the checkmark.jpg should now show next to the correct Page.

If the correct Facebook Page is not showing at all, using Facebook's mobile application, log into the Facebook Page to which you have admin access. If this process still does not show the correct Page, you’ll need to continue to the next step to check whether you have the correct admin access on the desired Facebook Page.

3. Do You Have Admin Status on the Facebook Page?

In order to connect an Instagram Business Profile or a Facebook Page to Sprout, you need admin status. To check this, you can go to the associated Facebook Page and select Settings. Next, select Page Roles.


Your role must be displayed as Admin here, not Editor or Analyst. If you don’t see Admin status, you’ll need to contact an admin or the Page Owner for help.

If you do have admin status on the Page and are still not able to connect your Page to Sprout, check the settings in Facebook’s Business Manager next.

4. Do You Have Admin Status in Business Manager?

If your Page is set up through Facebook Business Manager, you need a separate setting from the Page that allows admin access to the entire Business Manager account.

You can confirm that you have Admin status in Business Manager. Verify that your profile reads "Role: Admin" in Business Manager by going to the People section of your Business Manager settings.

Note: Permission settings in Business Manager are separate from permissions in a Facebook Page. You should confirm that you have Admin status in the Business Manager that controls your target Page.


If you do not have admin status, you must contact the owner of the account, or ask another user with admin status to connect the profile to Sprout.

5. Is Your Facebook Business Integration Set Up for this Profile?

If you have the necessary Page and Business Manager permissions for the associated Facebook Page, you’ll want to check your Facebook Business Integration settings. To update the setting and allow Sprout access to your Instagram Business Profile, remove Sprout Social’s integration from Facebook.


This will not delete your profiles from Sprout, though it will require them to be reauthorized. Please do not check the Also delete all posts, photos and videos on Facebook that Sprout Social may have published on your behalf box, as this will delete any prior posts.

Go back to your Sprout account and follow the steps to update your Instagram Business Profile, which should now be showing as an option to connect! This will reauthorize Sprout Social so that you can post to Facebook and Instagram across all of your profiles. If you see Red_Triangle.png in the top left corner of your screen in Sprout, please click on the icon to reconnect your profiles and Pages. Otherwise, your Instagram profile should now be connected as a business in Sprout!

If you have checked these settings and are still experiencing difficulties with connecting your profiles, please contact our Support Team.



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