Facebook & Instagram Data Policy Changes (2018)

Based on Facebook's announcement pertaining to data access on April 4, 2018, it was revealed that changes are coming for all third-party social apps that integrate Facebook and Instagram, including Sprout Social.

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Our team is working hard to to make the required changes and minimize disruption to your experience.

This article will detail what changes must be made and how it will impact Sprout.

Impacts to Sprout Social

Effective April 4

Instagram Commenters: You will no longer see details for name and bio when you view an Instagram profile. Username and comment text will still be available. Additionally, some Instagram commenters may not have visible profile photos.

Effective April 30

Inbox - Instagram

  • Brand Keywords: Instagram Brand Keywords are now read-only; you can monitor them but you can’t engage. In addition, actions to Like posts and follow other users are no longer available.
  • You can no longer see if a user follows you on Instagram.
  • You can no longer follow or unfollow someone on Instagram directly from Sprout.

Instagram Competitors Report

  • You must have an Instagram Business Profile add-on connected to Sprout in order to access the Instagram Competitors Report.
  • You will no longer be able to search/look-up handles in order to add them as new competitors. You will have to enter the Instagram handle exactly. Any competitors tracked must also be Instagram Business profiles.
    • Data collection for all competitors that are not Business Profiles will cease after April 30. However, if those profiles eventually convert to a Business Profile in the future, data collection will resume for that profile.

Read more about Instagram Business Profiles

Note: If your Instagram Business Profile becomes disconnected from Sprout Social, contact Sprout Support

Instagram Profiles Report

  • You will no longer be able to view the Instagram Top Influencers Engaged section of the report.

Mobile - Instagram

  • iOS/Android
    • You can no longer like comments on your own posts.
    • Brand Keywords: You can no longer like, reply or comment on Instagram posts surfaced with Brand Keywords.
  • iOS only
    • Repost/Regram: You can no longer Repost using links copied from the Instagram application. You are still able to Repost Instagram items surfaced from Brand Keywords.
      • Additionally, you can no longer Repost Instagram posts that have multiple images.
    • Feeds (Liked By Me): You can no longer see Instagram profiles from the list of selectable profiles within the Feeds section.

Effective August 1

Publishing - Facebook

  • You can no longer publish to personal profiles.
  • You can no longer limit your post's audience by language.
  • You can no longer publish Facebook Event URLs in your posts.

Inbox - Facebook 

  • Comments on Facebook personal profiles will no longer display in the Inbox.

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