Scheduled Maintenance: April 7, 2018

The Sprout Social web and mobile applications will be unavailable from 10am - 6pm Central Time (15:00-23:00 UTC) on Saturday, April 7. The actual downtime window may be shorter, but please prepare for the full period. 


Why is Sprout performing this maintenance?

Sprout will be completing an upgrade to our infrastructure technology as a part of our continuous investment on delivering the best software and service to our customers. The updates will enable our Product and Engineering teams to more rapidly build powerful and secure capabilities, while providing you with a trustworthy and enjoyable experience.


What will happen to my scheduled messages?

Messages scheduled to publish on April 7 between 10am-12pm US Central Time (15:00-17:00 UTC) could be delayed or fail to publish successfully. Should you choose to schedule messages during this time, please note that they may not go out exactly at that time or may fail to publish entirely. We highly recommend you move any content that is scheduled during this time.


What will happen to my Sprout Queue messages?

Queued content will be published in the next Queue slot once scheduled downtime is over. No Sprout Queue messages will be lost. 


Will I lose any Smart Inbox or Reporting data?

No. Once maintenance is complete and you are able to log in again, all Smart Inbox messages will be up to date. Reports will also include all activity data from the maintenance period.


What if I have Bots enabled on my account?

During maintenance from approximately 10-11am US Central Time (15:00-16:00 UTC), Facebook and Twitter Bot responses to end users might be delayed up to 15 minutes. Additionally, auto-completion of messages in the Smart Inbox received by Bots will not be guaranteed. However, all received messages by the Bot will be accounted for in the Smart Inbox. To avoid any potential Bot delays, you can turn your Bots off in the Bot Builder prior to maintenance and turn them back on afterwards.


Will Scheduled Reports be impacted?

No. None of the pre-configured times for Scheduled Report Delivery overlap with the outage window on Saturday, April 7. 


Will the iOS and Android applications be impacted?

Both iOS and Android applications will still launch and open, but will not function as expected. In-app behavior will be limited during the maintenance window.

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