Changes to Twitter Publishing (March 2018)

On February 21st, Twitter announced some changes to their API as an effort to prevent spam and maintain the safety of Twitter. As an Official Twitter Partner, Sprout works closely with Twitter and fully complies with Twitter's API policies.

How this change impacts Sprout

As of March 23rd, Sprout will no longer allow publishing, Retweeting, liking and duplicating messages across multiple Twitter profiles at the same time in accordance with Twitter’s updated policy and automation rules.

To ensure the successful posting of Tweets after the March 23rd change takes place, Sprout recommends visiting your calendar prior to March 22nd to address all messages previously scheduled to publish across multiple Twitter profiles. As a substitute, Twitter recommends sharing the Tweet from one account and Retweeting it from your other owned accounts.

Sprout understands the importance of preserving the safety and authenticity of social.

For more information about Twitter’s updated policy and automation rules, please see the official announcement.


Can I create a similar Tweet (e.g. changing a word or letter) and send it from the same handle? 

Sprout fully complies with Twitter’s policies and recommends using your best judgment as a marketer. The updated policy states that “simultaneous posting of identical or substantially similar content” is no longer allowed.

What happens to my scheduled messages for multiple handles after March 22nd?

On March 23rd, any scheduled messages with multiple Twitter handles selected will be updated to include the single Twitter handle with the highest follower count. The additional Twitter handles will be removed from the message. If this isn’t the most desired outcome, Sprout recommends updating any scheduled messages prior to March 22nd to ensure publishing.

What happens to Advanced Retweets in Sprout?

Sprout will support Advanced Retweets by one Twitter handle only.

What happens to my queued messages in Sprout?

To ensure publishing, Sprout recommends updating any identical messages in your Queue before March 22nd.

What if I usually send a message to multiple Twitter handles from Sprout?

As an alternative, Sprout recommends updating the Tweet from one account and Retweeting it from your other owned accounts.

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