Missing Report Data

Occasionally, you may see a notification on one or more of your reports that indicates Sprout Social is missing reporting data in the selected reporting period. There are a few reasons why this notification appears, including:

The selected profile(s) was recently connected.

Sprout may not be able to populate data in a report immediately upon profile connection. Once a profile is connected, data collection begins and can sometimes take up to 24 hours before information for that profile appears in the application.

You are trying to view a date range from before you connected the profile to Sprout

Depending on the network, Sprout may not be able to display data from before the initial connection date for the profile. While Facebook and LinkedIn accounts do provide some backfilled information, Twitter and Instagram profiles will only provide the most accurate information from the date they are connected. 

The selected profile(s) are currently disconnected from Sprout

If the profile(s) you selected in your report are currently disconnected from Sprout, reporting data may not be available. You can verify if a profile is currently disconnected by looking for Issues in your Notifications Drawer. If you see an Issue, reconnect the profile as soon as possible to mitigate any data loss.

Read more about disconnected profiles.

Additionally, if you selected a report period where a profile had previously been disconnected, Sprout will warn you that data may be incomplete. For Twitter and Instagram, Sprout is unable to backfill any data during the disconnection.

Do you have additional questions about missing report data? Get in touch with the Sprout Support Team.

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