Facebook Metric Changes Summary

You’ve likely noticed inconsistent Facebook metrics in your reports throughout the past year. Meta made several changes to their API and experienced outages which impacted all social media management platforms (including Sprout). Here we’ll outline the biggest changes and the current statuses, as well as share the next steps to be aware of.

We understand how important it is to have accurate and timely metrics, so please know that we are committed to working with Meta to ensure the best possible customer experience. Limiting your disruptions is a top priority for Sprout and Meta’s engineering teams.

June 2023 - Inaccurate Facebook Followers

  • What happened: On June 5th, 2023, all Facebook Pages were moved to the New Page Experience (NPE). This caused issues with Meta’s API, where daily Facebook Follower counts were inaccurate.
  • Status: Resolved (as of June 2024)
    • Follower counts are now accurate and align with native insights for the past 90 days.
    • Sprout is currently updating these values going back to Jan 1, 2023 for historical accuracy. As these are updated, please note that you could see differences from reports you’ve previously pulled.
  • More information: Inaccurate Facebook Followers

March 2024 - Facebook Metric Deprecations

  • What happened: Facebook announced that they are deprecating various Page-level metrics, both in their native reporting and their API. 
  • Status: Resolved (as of June 2024)
    • Sprout removed these metrics from Sprout’s reports since they are no longer available.
  • More Information: March Impacts

April 2024 - Additional Facebook Metric Deprecations

  • What happened: On April 19th, 2024, Facebook deprecated additional Page-level metrics, both in their native reporting and their API. Because these metrics are no longer available, Sprout changed how we collect and calculate these metrics to align with the way the data is made available.
  • Status: Resolved (as of June 2024)
    • Starting on March 1, 2024 Facebook Engagements might seem lower than trends from previous months as a result of these changes. This stems from the API deprecation and the new way Engagements are tracked at the page level. We recommend reading through the following article, which outlines the likely contributors to metric discrepancies:
  • More Information: April Impacts

May 2024 - Facebook Paid/Organic Post Calculations

  • What happened: Facebook experienced an API bug, which caused paid impressions to show as “0”. Due to the bug, metrics for paid ad posts and boosted posts in social media management platforms were mistakenly attributed as organic.
  • Status: Resolved (as of June 17 2024)
    • The bug is now fixed and Sprout has reattributed paid metrics correctly.

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