Profile Performance Report Metric Impacts 2024

On April 19th, 2024, Facebook deprecated a number of Page-level metrics across their third-party APIs. You can learn more about the specific deprecations here.

Due to these deprecations, Sprout updated page-level Facebook Engagement data from March 1, 2024 forward to align with the new way the engagement data is made available to Sprout.

As a result, Facebook Engagements might seem lower than trends from previous months, starting on March 1, 2024. This stems from the API deprecation and the new way Engagements are tracked at the page-level.

When comparing this data to previous months, keep in mind the following:

  • Activity on posts outside of the polling window
    • Facebook used to provide activity on all posts, regardless of when the post was published.
    • Now, because this data was deprecated, Sprout has to calculate page-level engagements from posts and are limited to 90 days of backfill.
  • Ad Posts
    • Sprout can only collect data on ads that get published as a post to your page. Any Ad Posts with an Unpublished status aren't included in the page-level rollup. If you have this issue, it's likely a decrease in Link Clicks will occur.
      • Engagements of this kind previously contributed to the Page Insights Facebook provided. Due to the deprecation of this data, Sprout relies on pulling the data from available post-level activity.
    • If you have Ads published to your Facebook Page, but don't have all the corresponding Facebook Ad Accounts connected to your Sprout Group, this limits the data Sprout can access on the post level for published Ad Posts. 
      • Sprout recommends to connect all Ad Accounts to ensure you're accessing the most complete data in your Page-level reporting. 
      • It's important to note that Sprout doesn't receive insights for Dynamic Ads.


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