AI Conversation Summaries for private messages

This feature is available on Advanced plans only.


Conversation Summaries by AI Assist allows care agents, especially those taking over an existing conversation from a prior agent, to be able to jump in to a longer conversation and get up to speed quickly on long threads of private messages. 

  • Summaries are available for PRIVATE messages only
  • Summaries are available anywhere that a user can reply to a private message including: Smart Inbox, Cases, and the Salesforce iFrame.

How to summarize private conversations

  1. Within a private conversation, select .
  2. The Summary by AI Assist is generated.
  3. You can copy the summary or close it out.
  4. You can also provide feedback on the quality of the summary.

The following scenarios must be met for messages to be summarized. If not, you'll get a detailed error message:

  • English - summaries are currently only available in English and for threads that are 50%+ are English or Unknown messages (note: unknown is to capture messages without language such as emojis)
  • Not too short - Conversations need to be at least 250 characters to be summarized
  • Text - Conversations contain text

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