Employee Advocacy Leaderboard Points

  • All users can see the new metric and earnable points unless they have been excluded from the leaderboard altogether.
  • Admins and Managers can change the settings.

With Leaderboard points, the more Advocacy actions taken on content, the more points earned for the Leaderboard. Encourage employees to share and like content to boost customer advocacy campaigns and spread the word and create your own awards system for the employees that crush it on sharing content.

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How can I use Leaderboard Points in Employee Advocacy?

You can see yourself on the Leaderboard for up to two months back (depending on when points were enabled).


You can reference the applicable actions and the point values associated with each action by hovering over the information icon next to the Points heading in the Leaderboard table. 

You can see how many points you can earn from interacting with a story (sharing or linking) in the information header of the story view.

How can I earn points and how much is each action worth?

The actions that are eligible for earning points are the following: 

  • Sharing a story
  • Sharing a featured story
  • Liking a story
  • Linking a featured story
  • Consecutive Logins (Weekly Login Bonus)

Here is the list of default point values for each eligible action. An Admin can change the values at any time.

How do I create new Leaderboard metrics as an Admin?

  1. Click Company Settings and scrolling to the Reporting section to turn on points as the Leaderboard metric.
  2. Click Leaderboard Points to toggle it ON.
  3. Click edit_points_pencil.png to edit point values or reset points to default values.
  4. Click Save.


Make sure that Enable Leaderboard is toggled OFF to turn on Leaderboard Points. Points are disabled by default.

How do I customize Leaderboard point settings as an Admin?

You can switch between Points and other metrics as the primary leaderboard metrics, without the point counter losing track of what points have been earned so far. 


If Points are enabled, you see a list of all the possible actions that count toward earning points and what the currently selected point value is for each action. 


What happens if Points are the selected metric for the Leaderboard but the points counter is turned off?

The leaderboard defaults to Shares.

How long are the scoring periods?

The scoring periods are the same for all leaderboard metric options - one month.

If the Admin updates point values in the middle of the month, are all points already earned re-calculated retroactively?

No, point changes only affect points earned after the changes were made.

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