How do I use Trustpilot Reviews in Sprout?

It's imperative for your brand to manage their online presence to help build relationships and establish deeper brand trust and loyalty. Connecting your Trustpilot Reviews profile to Sprout is a great way to ensure that you're responding to reviews in a timely manner, and adjusting your social and care strategies to enhance brand perception.

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How do I connect my Trustpilot profile?

You must have a Trustpilot paid tier to enable the Trustpilot integration in Sprout.

Before you connect your Trustpilot profile to Sprout, ensure that you have the Partnerships Permission enabled for the Trustpilot Service entity you want to connect. To determine if you have this permission, navigate to Settings > Data Consent > Partnerships Permission in your Trustpilot Business Console. Ensure that the Partnerships Permission setting is turned ON. 

Note: You must be a Trustpilot Admin to view and modify this setting.



Once you validate this permission is turned ON, use the following steps to connect your Trustpilot profile:

  1. Navigate to your name > Connect a Profile. The Connect a Profile popup appears.
  2. Click Connect for Trustpilot.
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  3. Copy and paste the URL of the Trustpilot profile you want to connect.
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  4. Click Continue to Authorization.
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  5. Click Go To Trustpilot to log into your account and complete the connection.
  6. Navigate back to Sprout and click Connect Profile to finalize the connection.
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Your Trustpilot profile is now connected and you can configure the appropriate permissions for your team. Your reviews then start to populate in the Reviews tab.

How do I configure Trustpilot permissions?

After you connect your Trustpilot profile to Sprout, it's important to manage the permissions associated with the profile so that your team can access the reviews and take action. To manage permissions:

  1. Navigate to your name > Settings > Groups & Social Profiles under Account.
  2. Select the Trustpilot icon from the All Profiles section.
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  3. Click the three dot menu Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.06.16 AM.png and then click View Profile. The View Profile popup appears.
    Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.06.24 AM.png
  4. Search for the relevant roles in the Roles section to apply access to the Trustpilot profile across Roles
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    or scroll down to the Team Members section to only give access to specific members on your Team.
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  5. Click Save Changes.

How do I view and manage my Trustpilot Reviews?

After you connect your Trustpilot profile to Sprout, you can view and manage your views directly from the Reviews Feed.

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From the Reviews tab, you can select your Trustpilot profile from the Sources dropdown and then apply any additional filters like Ratings and Tags to hone in on specific reviews.

How do I respond to a review?

To reply directly to a review, click Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 9.44.03 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 9.44.32 AM.png

The reply window opens and you can reply directly to your Truspilot review and follow any message approval workflows or submit a response right away.

What additional actions can I take?

Aside from responding to your Trustpilot Reviews, you can also take action on your Reviews similar to how you manage and interact with other messages across Sprout.

You can see associated sentiment, classification of the message like Customer Love, Brand Risk or Response recommended.

You can also:

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  • Apply Macros
  • Start an internal Team Conversation
  • Apply appropriate Tags to enhance your tagging strategy and reporting insights
  • Mark Reviews as complete
  • Assign a Review as a Case for a Care Team to take action on

Using the icons at the bottom of each Trustpilot Review that appears in your Reviews feed. 

How can I analyze my Trustpilot performance?

You can dive into your Trustpilot performance with the Reviews Overview Report. This report showcases your overall performance on Trustpilot along with a deep dive into specific review volume and overall reply management from the Overview tab. The Profiles tab showcases summary metrics for the reporting period you select.

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You can select your Trustpilot profile from the Sources dropdown in the Filter Menu, select which Ratings you want to view performance for and select any applicable Tags.

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From there, you can dive into different widgets to understand your performance, make adjustments to your response approach and ensure that you increase brand loyalty by maintaining an active presence on Trustpilot.

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Can I edit replies to reviews from Sprout?

Not at this time.

How are Location reviews used in Sprout?

Sprout treats Location reviews as Service reviews. These get reflected in Sprout with an additional location entity to show the Service Location the Review is associated with. You can't filter by location at this time due to an API limitation.

Can I manage Product Reviews in Sprout?

Not at this time

How is my Trustpilot data backfilled?

After you connect your Trustpilot profile to Sprout, Sprout backfills the 10,000 most recent reviews associated with your Business Unit.

Can I delete replies from Sprout?

Yes, you can delete replies from Sprout.



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