How do I use Tag Collections?

Tag Collections are a great way to organize your Tags in ways that suit the goals of your brand or business. You can use Tag Collections to group your tags together by common themes like support, product lines, customer type and message type. You can create as many Tag Collections as you’d like for better organization.

This feature is only available on the Advanced and Enterprise plans.

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What are some key factors to keep in mind about Tag Collections?

Before you create and start managing Tag Collections, there are a few key items you need to be aware of. 

  • Tag Collections are scoped at the Company level, meaning everyone can see the Tag Collections you create.
  • If you delete a Tag Collection, this action also deletes all of the Tags included in the Tag Collection.
  • No Sprout user can edit or delete the following Tag Collections: Campaigns, Tags (unclassified) or Archived.

What permissions do I need?

Before you get started creating and managing Tag Collections, first verify that you have the Manage Tag Collections permission in Sprout.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
  2. From Personal Settings, scroll down to your Personal Permissions and then to Manage Tags under the Company Permissions.

If Manage Tag Collections isn’t selected, request this permission from your Account Owner whose email address appears at the top of your Personal Permissions section.

How do I create a Tag Collection?

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
  2. Click Tag Management under Global Features. The Tag Management tab opens.
  3. Click Add Collection. The Add collection popup opens.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for the Tag Collection, something like Product Type or Customer Support.
  5. Click Create collection. The Tag Collection appears in the Collections list within the left-hand panel. 

How do I add a new tag to a Tag Collection?

  1. Click Tags under Global Features to open the Tag Management tab.
  2. Click the name of the Tag Collection you want to add Tags to.
  3. Click Add Tag in the right-hand panel. The Add tag popup appears.
  4. Enter the Tag Name. The Tag Collection is automatically selected for you, but you can change it if need be.
  5. Add the Groups you want the Tag available in.
  6. Click Create tag. The Tag is now nested in the selected Tag Collection.


How do I add an existing tag to a Tag Collection?

All Tags previously created in your Sprout account are organized into the Tags (unclassified) collection. You can move Tags out of this Collection to a new Collection either in bulk or individually. To move Tags:

  1. Ensure Tags (unclassified) is selected in the left-hand panel.
  2. Select the Tags you want to move to a new Collection. If you only want to move individual Tags, select one Tag from the list and then continue with step 3.
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  3. Click Move in the upper-right corner of the panel. The Move tag popup appears.
  4. Select the Tag Collection from the dropdown you want to move the selected Tags to.
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  5. Click Move tag.

Can I archive tags?

You can archive Tags into the Archived Collection using the same workflow as moving Tags. To archive Tags in bulk or individually:

  1. Ensure the appropriate Tag Collection is selected in the left-hand panel.
  2. Select the Tags you want to Archive. If you only want to archive an individual Tag, select the single Tag from the list and then continue with step 3.
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  3. Click Archive in the upper-right corner of the panel. The Tags you selected are moved to the Archived collection.

Tag Collections at work

Now that you’ve created your Tag Collections and added the appropriate Tags to each, you can start to see the Collections appear in the Filter Menus in the Smart Inbox, Cases, Reviews, Publishing and Reporting tabs. You can also see your Tag Collections when applying Tags to specific messages.

For this example, we'll dive into the Smart Inbox.

From the Smart Inbox, if you click the Tag icon on a message, you can see the Tags that were already applied. But, you also see a list of the available Tag Collections.


Note: In order for a Tag Collection to populate in this list, the Tag Collection must have at least one Tag within it.

You can apply additional Tags to a message from the appropriate Tag Collection by either selecting the Tag Collection and then selecting the relevant Tag, or by typing the name of the Tag and selecting it that way. When you type the name of a Tag, Sprout shows which Tag Collection it's a part of.

To filter in the Smart Inbox, click the Tag menu. You can filter the Smart Inbox by an entire Tag Collection or by individual Tags within a Collection.


How are Tag Collections scoped in Sprout and what is the impact?

Tag Collections are company-specific, while some Tags are only visible in certain groups. 

Let’s play out how this works.

You’re a part of Sprout Coffee Co. who has the Seattle and Chicago groups as a part of the Sprout account. You create a Tag Collection called Customer Support and add five Tags to that Collection that only exist for the Chicago group.

When the Seattle group logs into Sprout and starts applying Tag Collections, they won’t see the Customer Support collection when applying or filtering Tags, because none of the Tags within the collection are scoped for the Seattle group.

However, if you’re an Admin for the Seattle group, you will see the Tag Collection when you’re in Tag Settings, but the Collection appears empty. You can then add Tags that are relevant to the Seattle group or leave it empty. If you do add Tags that are scoped to the Seattle group, the Chicago group won’t see those Tags in their collection.


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