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My Reports is a powerful custom reporting tool in Sprout available to Premium Analytics customers. With My Reports, you can take a deep dive into your data and filter by meaningful metrics to extract the insights that matter most to your team and stakeholders. You can choose from a variety of data visualizations and aggregations to build something completely custom for your business.

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Navigating My Reports

Navigate to Reports > My Reports to access My Reports.

You need to be the Account Owner or have the Manage Custom Reports permission to edit or create My Reports.

From My Reports, you can begin creating, editing and sharing Reports. Check out the following video to learn more about how to:

  • Use pre-made personal and shared reports
  • Create a report
  • Add filters and widgets
  • Edit a report
  • Duplicate a report
  • Share a report

If you're not a Premium Analytics subscriber, but have access to Custom Report Builder, many of the filters, configurations and widgets in the following videos aren't available. Contact your Sprout rep to learn more about Premium Analytics and how to unlock additional filters and widgets to get the most out of your reporting.

Getting started

You can build reports to get the analytics you're looking for. The following videos walk through some common use cases.

Comparing post performance across different networks

Comparing video performance across different networks

Visualizing engagements


How many Reports can I create?
There’s no limit to the number of Reports you can create per Group.

How many widgets can I add to a Report?
There’s no limit to how many widgets you can add.

If I duplicate a Report, will it be available in another Group?
No, Report visibility is limited to the Group where you created it.

What data is included in each widget?
Download the widget data availability chart for an overview of the different types of data included in each widget.

You can also find more information about data availability and definitions of metrics in the in-app Reporting Resources. To access the Reporting Resources, click the three-dot menu at the top of the report and select Reporting Resources.


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