How can I collaborate on Cases?

Case Activity and Internal Comments are the best ways to see what actions are taken against a Case and to collaborate with your team in the Sprout app. This way you can easily understand the progress of a Case and get insights from your team without needing to spin up additional conversation streams.

As a best practice, Sprout recommends using Internal Comments to collaborate directly on Cases with your colleagues and Care Team. But you can also leverage Reply Approval Workflows and Conversations for more robust collaboration.

What's the benefit of Case Activity?

Case activities provide the following insights and benefits for you and your care team:

  • Enhanced transparency - Activity details show how each Case was handled. From initial customer interactions via social, internal comments, team and agent assignments, status changes and ultimately the final resolution.
  • Case tracking -  You can keep track of the status and progression of a Case so you can easily revisit past events to understand the Case's journey and make informed decisions on the appropriate next step.
  • Streamlined collaboration - You and other agents can quickly access the entire context of a Case, eliminating the need for redundant inquiries and ensuring a consistent customer experience.
  • Faster resolution times - With complete Case history you can diagnose issues more efficiently and avoid repetitive troubleshooting steps.
  • Historical insights for improvement - With Case history, care managers can analyze patterns, identify common pain points and optimize support processes. 

Click a Case to view detailed activity.

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How can I use Internal Comments?

You can use Internal Comments when creating a Case and to further collaborate with your team as you're working on a Case.

You can create an internal comment with up to 500 characters, including emojis and clickable links. As a plus, you can also @ mention individual Users and User Teams if you're stuck and need some help. To better discern Internal Comments from Case Replies, all Internal Comments are highlighted in yellow.


Sprout also provides even more insight by showing you who is available and active to respond to your Internal Comments. If you have an Automated Rule set up that applies Internal Comments, this also is highlighted yellow in the Case Activity.

After you leave, edit or delete an Internal Comment, it appears as a part of the Case Activity. You receive notifications when new Internal Comments are left in response. You can access these directly from the Case itself or from the Notifications Drawer in the Sprout app. Depending on your preferences, you might also receive an email for an Internal Comment and can respond directly to the email as well.

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